Robot Koch - Death Star Droid CD

Robot Koch - Death Star Droid CDRobot Koch
Label: Project Mooncircle
Year: 2009
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Format: CD

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Berlin based producer Robot Koch is the mastermind behind the critically acclaimed band Jahcoozi and post rock/hiphop outfit The Tape vs RQM. He works as a beatmaker and producer with many different artists internationally and recently started his own digital label: Robots Don't Sleep! He was also summoned by Flying Lotus to provide contributions on a recent podcast mix. Death Star Droid is aDubstep and sub electronic/Hip Hop infused affair, but the introduction of live acoustic instruments and heartfelt melodies is what sets it apart from the rest in the loosely defined genre. For example the grizzly synths and bass lines on the song ''While'' are supported by a drifting piano and on hard to find Robot introduces strings and flutes. Think of Project Mooncircle as your own personal access to the future music of the international scene! For fans of Dorian Concepts, The Clonius, Suff Daddy, Nosaj Thing, the Beat Dimensions series and all else that applies to those comparisons!

1.Death Star Droid
2.Away From
3.Hard To Find
4.Love and the Machine
5.People Are Strange (feat. Grace)
6.While (feat. Manya)
7.Heaven Is My Real Estate
9.Gorom Sen
10.A Song Formerly Known As Tooth

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