J Rocc - J Rocc v J-Man CD

J Rocc - J Rocc v J-Man CDJ Rocc
Label: Jazzman Records
Year: 2009
Price: $19.95
Format: CD

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J. Rocc teams up with Jazzman Records for this mix and personal selection of Jazzman's 200+ title catalog of funk and soul tracks. The Beat Junkies member and Stones Throw turntablist supreme creates an hour long journey into sound, digging deep in the archives of Jazzman's original electronic library treasures to hardcore deep funk bangers, ethnic modal jazz to forgotten soulful masterpieces. Import released in conjunction with Stones Throw.

1.Anthony Burns - 'Doing What You Need to Do (intro)'
2.Mary Lou Williams - 'The Credo'
3.Lee Mason - 'Shady Blues'
4.Vanessa Kendrick - '90% of me is You'
5.Bill Swift Trio - 'Daydreamin'
6.Eddie Warner - 'Devil's Anvil'
7.Soul Lifters - 'Hot Funky & Sweaty'
8.Los Brasilios - 'Brasilian Beat'
9.Soul Pleasers - 'Baby Don't Cry'
10.Third Guitar - 'Baby Don't Cry'
11.Little Beaver/Sam Baker - 'Do Right Man'
12.Andy Loore - 'Mixed Drums'
13.Salah Ragab - 'Neveen'
14.George Guzman - 'Cacumen'
15.Noro Morales - 'Soana'
16.Har-You Percussion Group - 'Welcome to the Party'
17.IRP-3 - 'Tema de Soninha'
18.Personations & Organisation - 'Future II'
19.Gamith - 'Darkness'
20.Della Reese - 'It Was a Very Good Year'
21.Innersouls - 'Take Your Time'
22.Nina Simone - 'Funkier than a Mosquito's Tweeter'
23.Lorez Alexandria - 'Baltimore Oriole'
24.Primitive - 'Creation of Music'
25.Fabulous Originals - 'It Ain't Fair But It's Fun'
26.Arthur Monday - 'What Goes Around'
27.Wess & The Airedales - 'Black Out'
28.Communicators Band - 'The Road'
29.Diedre Wilson Tabac - 'Can't Keep from Crying'

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