Avatar & Dynamo - Chaos Theory CD

Avatar & Dynamo - Chaos Theory CDAvatar & Dynamo
Label: DumpTruck Records
Year: 2009
Price: $7.95
Format: CD

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LA underground release from Avatar (who recently dropped Speak Easy alongside Bleek) with production by Dynamo! Fans of Shapeshifters or Project Blowed extended fam won't want to miss out! Chaos Theory features guest appearances from Matre, Neila, Akuma, Acid Reign, Smile OAK and Alldeadly HDMC aka Jizzm. Can't forget to mention the amazing cover art by Albane who also designed Factor's Old Souls Vol. 1 cover.

Produced by Dynamo.

2.Over My Dead Body
3.Show & Tell
4.Beat Nonstop
5.Anti Matter (feat. Neila / Matre)
7.Unorthodox (feat. Smile OAK / Akuma)
8.Our Day Will Come
9.Cat & Mouse
10.Free Ride (feat. Smile OAK)
11.Dog Whistle
12.Malpractice (feat. Acid Reign)
13.Overnight Sensation
14.Tear Jerker
15.Hot Sixteens
16.Headstart (feat. Alldeadly HDMC (Jizzm))
17.Dead Reckoning

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Yo, my bad!, May 8, 2010
By: AnyStylz - See all my reviews

Actually, Avatar's debut album was in 2000, under DumpTruckRecords called Republik and he has another album i didn't know about that came out in 07' called Stompbox Graveyard, yeah, i thought the same thing when i saw the name of that album, i had to find it and somehow did, but paid the $ for it, regardless, it's all worth it, the underground keeps it real from past, present, to future and know that you don't get that effort from your average joe blow, which is why U say eff the radio, you won't get dopeness like this there, forget it, good luck, too many emcees too nice with the mike who don't get the credit, so fuck commercial, and fuck you rapperz with no style or skillz and millions in the account, congratulations, you made it to the top, and you still suck. Keep the underground alive, never....surrender.

Keepem' comin' Avatar! We need more!, March 21, 2010
By: AnyStylz - See all my reviews

I truly feel embarrassed to say, and let's forget the fact i had considered myself an avid hip hop fan for nearly my entire music-listening life, that Avatar is one emcee I had managed to let go unnoticed in my so called "directory of life-long rappers known to tare da house down." Whoa! For me he came out of left field but after seeing his roots date back to his debut album in 2003, i don't know how i hadn't heard him sooner, and then I first noticed him featured on Ex Vandalz' Docile Takeover vol. 1, wreckin' it on a song with his group SPEAK EASY partner Bleek. Obviously, to me I think i need to find a way to keep my head up after letting this guy creep under my radar. Really. I feel that misled. This album right here though is a keeper, Dynamo got the perfect beats to go with this one! And Avatar's rhymes never stop comin' yo, it's an ongoing rhyme mechanism always giving you good vibes, rhymes for dayz as they say, so keepem' comin' cause it never hurts to stack up the library with more good music, the true fans will appreciate it fo' life.

Buy This, November 19, 2009
By: chunturo - See all my reviews

This album is great! Avatar has a smooth flow and dynamo makes some nice beats. The track with neila and matre is bangin! You will not regret buying this if you like good l.a. underground music...

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