Murs & 9th Wonder - ForNever CD

Murs & 9th Wonder - ForNever CDMurs & 9th Wonder
Label: Team Taco
Year: 2010
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Format: CD

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You know the deal! It's Murs and 9th doing what they do best and for their fourth collaboration they show no signs of parting ways! Murs is up to his old tricks again with tales of women, Cali and everyday stuff that most people find trivial whereas Murs can spin long stories about them. With a diverse selection of guest appearances including Kurupt, Sick Jacken of Psycho Realm, and Suga Free, ForNever delivers yet another reason why these two guys kick it off so nicely!

Produced by 9th Wonder.

1.Fornever (feat. Kurupt)
2.The Lick (feat. Verbs)
3.Asian Girl (feat. 9thmatic)
4.Let Me Talk (feat. Suga Free)
5.Cigarettes And Liquor
6.Vikki Veil
7.I Used To Love Her [Again]
8.The Problem Is... (feat. Sick Jacken / Uncle Chucc)
9.West Coast Cinderella
10.Live From Roscoe's (feat. Kurupt)

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Another good for 2010, January 11, 2011
By: kayaman - See all my reviews

I had the opportunity to scoop this up at Paid Dues and played it on the way back home. This album is great as a whole just like the previous MURS & 9th Wonder releases. This one has a sort of West Coast feel to it. Along with the features of Suga Free and Kurupt the beats are also a little different from their previous releases. Still great though.

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