Dday One - Blend Meditation 2 CD

Dday One - Blend Meditation 2 CDDday One
Year: 2009
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Format: CD

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Dope dope mix from Dday one full of instrumental hip hop and his own personal blends featuring tracks by DJ Vadim, DJ Krush, MHE, 2Tall, Mr. Cooper, Glen Porter, Nosaj Thing, Beatnuts, Kool G Rap, KRS One as well as tracks from Dday himself and more! Limited CD pressing! Previous Blends mix was a download only in 2006 I it's nice to see this on cd.

Open copy, played in our store.

1.Intro: Welcome Back...
2.Gone Beyond - 'Ghost Of Tomorrow'
3.Dday One - 'Terminal 86'
4.Inner Science - 'Thing'
5.Lyrical Tom - 'ce qu'ils aiment c'est ce qu'on leur donne'
6.2tall - 'Grazing on Empty (King Knut Remix)'
7.Bjork - 'Army Of Me (ABA All-stars Mix)'
8.DJ Krush - 'Shin Sekai' (feat. Rino)
9.Deckard - 'Alpha 79'
10.MHE - 'MHE012'
11.Olde Soul - 'Taking Me Places' (feat. Blak King)
12.Chimp Beans - 'Calm'
13.DJ Vadim - 'Imaginashun'
14.The Beatnuts - 'Props Over Here'
15.Mr. Cooper - 'Ten'
16.Ceschi - 'Objects Are Falling'
17.Nosaj Thing - '1685 Bach'
18.KRS One - 'Return Of The Boom Bap'
19.Forces Of Nature - 'Transmute'
20.Dday One - 'Cast No Stones'
21.Machine Drum - 'Brighty' (feat. Denim / Natalie Weiss)
22.Compton's Most Wanted - 'One Time Gaffled 'Em Up'
23.Glen Porter - 'Um'
24.Clark - 'Growls Garden'
25.Cut Chemist - 'Metrorail Thru Space'
26.6Blocc - 'New Dimension'
27.BoxCu??er - 'Sidetrak'
28.Two Fingers - 'Two Fingers'
29.Kool G Rap - 'Men at Work'
30.Ital Tek - 'Snowburst'
31.Martyn - 'Yet'
32.Escher - 'Snap Dub'

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