Canibus - Melatonin Magik CD

Canibus - Melatonin Magik CDCanibus
Label: RBC Records
Year: 2010
Price: $16.95
Format: CD

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Once one of the most respected rising stars in hip hop in the mid 90's, Canibus' rise to fame fell as quickly as it arrived. After his public beef with LL Cool J to his Gold selling Can-I-Bus produced by Wyclef, he quickly burned bridges in the industry after critics panned him while fans praised him. In 2000 he returned with 2000 BC after blaming Wyclef over the moderate success of his first album but more controversy came after Eminem turned down a request to appear on the album. It underperformed and Universal released him from his contract. He would go on to release an album once a year with C True Hollywood Stories (an alleged concept album about the music industry), Mic Club: The Curriculum and what seemed like a return to the basics with Rip the Jacker which featured production by Jedi Mind Tricks' Stoupe The Enemy of Mankind. Mind Control was released in 2005 after a hiatus and brief stint in the army following his discharge. The independent label that released the album claimed it would cover his experience in the armed forces but it instead featured songs recorded around 2001 and many of which had already been heard and bootlegged. His next album that same year Hip Hop For Sale was produced by Nottz but featured tracks that had been leaked on a mixtape almost a year before which caused tension between the two and called for other producers coming in last minute to fill in a few new tracks. Fans and critics weren't sold on it. For Whom The Beat Tolls dropped in 2007 with what little remained of his cult fan base and finally Canibus was back and has since been featured as a guest on several other albums! Melatonin Magik comes after his renewed following and features the MC rapping harder and raspier and even taking aim at Eminem with a diss track. Old habits die hard I guess. Featuring guest appearances by Bronze Nazareth, Copywrite, Blaq Poet (of Screwball), K-Solo and Psalm One.

1.Melatonin Magik (Intro)
2.Melatonin Magik
3.Kriminal Kindness
4.Hip-Hop Black Ops
5.The Dragon Of Judah
6.Post Traumatik Warlab Stress (feat. DZK / Warbux)
7.Air Strike (Pop Killer) (feat. D-12 / DZK)
8.Fraternity Of The Impoverished
9.Dead By Design
10.Only Slaves Dream
11.Ripperland (feat. Psalm One)
12.Stomp On Ya Brain (feat. Journalist)
13.Beat Butcha Get Em (feat. Jaecyn Bayne / Son One / Chopp Devize)
14.Do It (Live) (feat. Blaq Poet / Skarlit Rose / Presto)
15.Sharpshootaz Blastin' Caps (feat. K-Solo / Born Sun / Willie Dynamite / Maintain)
16.Gold & Bronze Magik (feat. Bronze Nazareth / Copywrite)

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