Opoetik & DJ Dopeshoes - Lessons Learned 2xCDR

Opoetik & DJ Dopeshoes - Lessons Learned 2xCDROpoetik & DJ Dopeshoes
Year: 2009
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Format: CDR

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A bounty of unreleased material by Opoetik, arranged & mixed by DJ Dopeshoes. Disc 1 is ''LESSON 1: the mix'', and disc 2 is ''LESSON 2: the tracks.''

Disc 1
2.54TH (feat. Live)
3.King of Kings (feat. Live / Jahsun)
4.If you can't stand the heat (feat. FOS)
5.What it is
6.I Should Fly
7.Lost One (feat. Live)
8.Untitled (feat. Parker Edison)
9.That Swing
10.Texas T
11.That Morning
12.It Ain't Over (feat. FOF)
13.Letting it all out
14.Dead or Alive
15.Here I Am (feat. Kandi Cole)
16.Poetik Headache
17.Rhyme Rituals
18.One (feat. Jahsun / Skalah)
20.Anger,Madness and Sadness (feat. Parker Edison)
21.Thru 3 Cities (sd) (feat. Jahsun / Parker Edison)
22.A Confession
23.The Process
24.Love It When
25.Night Sky
26.Visions (feat. Live / Parker Edison)
27.New Day Coming
28.Conclusion / Wake Up (Instrumental)
29.Wake up
Disc 2
2.Thru 3 Cities (feat. Jahsun / Parker Edison)
3.Here I Am (feat. Kandi Cole)
4.Poetik Headache
5.I Should Fly
6.It Ain't Over (feat. Jahsun / Philasifier)
7.That Swing
8.Skit 1
9.Texas T
10.Night Sky
11.Skit 2
12.Visions (feat. Live / Parker Edison)
13.The Process
14.King of Kings (feat. Live / Jahsun)
15.New Day Coming
17.Untitled (feat. Parker Edison)
18.Skit 3
19.If You Can't Stand the Heat (feat. FOS)
20.A Confession
21.Rhyme Rituals
22.Letting It All Out
23.Outro / Skit 4

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A double threat of amazing lyricism & tight beats, November 23, 2009
By: ChrisLark - See all my reviews

I first discovered Opoetik on DJ Ian Head's "Friends Space" area on his MySpace page a while back. And from the tracks on Opoetik's MyS page alone you knew you were in for some way above average Hip Hop. I could just say he's got amazing lyricism and flow with choice beats to back him and leave it at that but I really should be more specific. Now thanks to his Lessons Learned Mixtape I can do just that.

A mixtape featuring various tracks recorded over the years with various beat makers & MC's might scream out "for the fans/completists only" way more than "a good intro for the casual listener." And even 2 discs (1 with a mixtape flow and the 2nd with just the tracks) might be a little frustrating. But Lessons Learned is actually a GREAT intro for new heads to Opoetik. The tracks compiled make for a coherent album rather than just being a crazy "all over the place" type mess.

DJ Dopeshoes' mix on disc 1 is a fluid mix of quality joints with clever but not intrusive usage of self help records. And while it's not exactly a "cold rock a party" mix it IS a great "chill at home with friends or alone" and/or "bump all day in the vehicle of your choice" mix. No odd shifts in mood or tempo musically and you could easily think he recorded it all together instead of over the years. Disc 2 makes the case for a great album status with introspective usuage of film clip samples. Disc 1 just made me want to hear the full tracks anyway and Disc 2 does just that and doesn't disappoint.

The audio picture Opoetik paints for you is of a self-assured but humble MC simply trying to handle the everyday. Whether dealing with Bush and Gulf War II on "Texas T", Obama's win on "That Morning", how emotionally f***ed up life can be on "Anger, Madness & Sadness" or maybe hardest of all - being a new parent on "The Process" Opoetik doesn't shy away from reality but takes it head on. Some of my other favorites are "What It Is", "Letting It All Out", "New Day Coming", "Thru 3 Cities" and "Here I Am."

So trust me on this. If you like Hip Hop MC's like Murs, Blackalicious (& Gift Of Gab solo), Blue Scholars, Blu, Talib Kweli, Mos Def, Brother Ali, Common (or at least pre-Universal Mind Control era Com), Lupe Fiasco, Somobe, Gabriel Teodros, Grouch and nearly anything from the Native Tongue era and/or that has co-signed this decade you will treasure this compilation. But hey if you like any type of thought provoking and beat tight rap you'll like it too.

heat, November 12, 2009
By: evolveOne - See all my reviews of the hardest working emcees in San Deigo..props to opoetik and dopeshoes
2 cd's of music to vibe to and learn a lesson or two from

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