Blockhead - The Music Scene CD

Blockhead - The Music Scene CDBlockhead
Label: Ninja Tune
Year: 2010
Price: $15.95
Format: CD

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One of the first great instrumental albums of 2010! Blockhead has produced for many Def Jux alumni including Aesop Rock and Cage but has been met with quite a bit of solo success thanks to Ninja Tune's handling of three prior releases including Music By Cavelight, Downtown Science and Uncle Tony's Coloring Book. The latter was met with mixed reviews as Blockhead took on a funkier more uptempo approach to his intricately layered sampling techniques...but it's an album that grows on you. The Music Scene seems to perfectly marriage some of the experimental stuff he tried on Uncle Tony's with his more familiar style and it's pretty friggin' perfect. An amazing instrumental hip hop offering that we have had on repeat here at Access! Haunting background samples and quotes, lengthy tracks with great build ups to speedier finales. Headnod factor gets and A+ +!

1.It's Raining Clouds
2.The Music Scene
3.Only Sequences Change
4.Which One Of You Jerks Drank My Arnold Palmer?
5.Attack The Doctor
6.The Prettiest Sea Slug
7.The Daily Routine
8.Tricky Turtle
9.Four Walls
10.Pity Party
11.Hell Camp
12.Farewell Spaceman

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