The Prime (Lucky+Sapient) - One-Uppers CD

The Prime (Lucky+Sapient) - One-Uppers CDThe Prime (Lucky+Sapient)
Year: 2009
Price: $9.95
Format: CD

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The first release from Luckyiam (Living Legends) & Sapient (Sandpeople) as The Prime. These two front men of their respective crews have joined forces with the objective to ''one up'' the music you listen to and wake up the planet. Style, substance, beats and grind; put these elements together and you have The Prime! One Uppers is a limited edition CD manufactured by LRG.

Produced by Sapient.

1.One Uppers
2.Kill The Cat
3.How You Use It
4.Common Place
5.Privilege RMX
6.Kuddy (Instrumental)
7.All-Star Crushfest
8.I Did This For You
9.Fly In My Own Right
12.You Never Expected

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best hip hop album in decades..., May 26, 2011
By: btron - See all my reviews

...honestly! Keep it up guys. When are you going to give us a good show at one of these bangin' clubs we have in P-town...ahahaha. Seriously...we need some more live hip hop in this city! And to the person that wrote "kinda weak" have no idea what good hip hop is! I hope people like you don't actually have the authority to rate music. That would not be good to the artists that work their asses off to put out good, heart felt, local music and hardly make any money from it. You have no right to even judge!...get back to listening to that Chingy album that you downloaded and didn't pay for.

Uh...Awesome?, February 22, 2010
By: AnyStylz - See all my reviews

Nothin' but bangers on this album, luv every track, sapient and lucky are a perfect combination as the album flows really nice from front to back...this is a ride you do not want to miss...guaranteed.

Kinda Weak, January 27, 2010
By: KBW - See all my reviews

I was thought this effort was a little weak

dope, November 5, 2009
By: NimaFadavi - See all my reviews

heard this album about a week ago and it was really dope! highly recommend it to anyone.

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