Nebz Supreme & Moka Only - Summer Notations CD

Nebz Supreme & Moka Only - Summer Notations CDNebz Supreme & Moka Only
Label: Domination Recordings
Year: 2009
Price: $11.95
Format: CD

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Consisting of Emcee Nebz Supreme of southern California and B.C. famous Moka Only on the boards, this is not a new brand of hip hop but a project of two friends collaborating to bring good music back in the spirit of the old ATAK hip hop days. The raspy baratone that is Nebz Supreme projects directly about everyday struggles from heartbreak (Tears & Glitter / Smiling Faces), to financial issues (Daily Grind), family disfunction (Float, Maroon) to nearly losing those closest to his heart and even bringing spots of comedy, lightheartedness and bragadocio (Next To Blow, Saucey Fellow) to the table. All of this over some of the most stellar production yet to be heard by the west coasts most prolific Moka Only aka Torch, who even stops by to trade verses with Nebz on a handful of tracks. The album also features guest appearances from Eso Tre of Substance Abuse and Nebz Supreme's sister vocalist Lorena as well as his alias and altered ego Rio Escudo.

1.F'Real Emcee Intro
2.California Great
3.Feel My Campaign
4.Saucy Fellow
5.Funky Rhyme Alude
6.Next to Blow
7.Daily Grind
8.Sunken Eyes
9.Analog City
10.Raisen Up
11.Tears & Glitter
12.Smiley Faces
13.Smokey Marina
15.Homegrown Bizness
16.Maroon (feat. Lorena)
17.Never Can Say
18.Wishin On A Star (bonus track)
19.Bust Dough (bonus track) (feat. Eso Tre)

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