Paten Locke - Super Ramen Rocketship CD

Paten Locke - Super Ramen Rocketship CDPaten Locke
Label: Tres Records
Year: 2009
Price: $15.95
Format: CD

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A bonafide triple threat! Producer/DJ/Emcee aka Therapy of the AB's (Alias Brothers) or formerly the Jacksonville, Florida group known as Asamov drops his debut on Tres Records, one of the most consistent labels in underground hip hop today! With so many breakthrough artists and albums on their label such as Shawn Jackson, Y Society, Giant Panda, Johnson and Johnson, and much much more, I assume they've got to be a pretty selective collective of people in order to maintain this reputation. That said, Tres has done it again! And out of nowhere too! Only a few months back Paten Locke's lead single ''Break Thru'' was released, but it left us eager for more and the album delivers on all levels. Beats and lyrics, traditional and modern, Super Ramen Rocketship has completed lift off and we are happy to report that it is one of our favorites and worthy of its Tres Records release. We've actually had the in-store demo playing since the summer and we have been waiting to be able to share it with the rest of you all this time...I actually feel guilty cuz of it. No guests, no guest producers, no guest dj laying down cuts...Paten does it all. Don't sleep!

1.Soup For One
3.Good Muse
4.Ash On Em
5.Auto Reverse
7.Funky Hit Record
8.Ventilation P.Locke
10.Til The Dawn
11.Just Me
12.Super Ramen Rocketship
13.Off The Grid
14.After You

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