The Snowgoons - The Trojan Horse CD

The Snowgoons - The Trojan Horse CDThe Snowgoons
Label: iHipHop Distribution
Year: 2009
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Format: CD

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The Trojan Horse is the fourth full length solo album from the renowned German production crew and features guest appearances from a veritable who's who of indie superstars. With the entire La Coka Nostra crew (Everlast, Danny Boy, Ill Bill & Slaine), Dilated Peoples, Defari, Termanology, Ruc (Heltah Skeltah), Torae, Skyzoo, Poison Pen, Outerspace, Krumb Snatcha, Buckshot (of Black Moon), Young De, Sabac Red (Non Phixion), Reef The Lost Cauze, Chief Kamachi, King Syze, Doap Nixon, El Da Sensai, Kaze, Block McCloud, Side Effect, Brainstorm, Virtuoso, Jaysaun, Edo G, Wise Intelligent, Tribecca, Nut Rageous, Viro The Virus, Savage Brothers, Lord Lhus & more, no one can contest the Snowgoons' dominance.

1.Savage Brothers - 'The Trojan Horse'
2.Reef the Lost Cauze & Young De - 'King Kong'
3.Heltah Skeltah & La Coka Nostra - 'Hey Young World'
4.Biz Mighty, Brainstorm, Freestyle (of The Arsonists), Side Effect, HAV aka Harley Hack & Krush Unit
5.Outerspace - 'Git Cha Gully'
6.Block McCloud, Feaz One, King Syze & Sifu Versus - 'Full Force'
7.M-Dot & Krumb Snatcha - 'Hate On Me Feat'
8.Chief Kamachi, Buckshot & Reef the Lost Cauze - 'Make Way'
9.Radaa, Sicknature & Reks - 'Goons Stampede'
10.Viro the Virus - 'The Limit'
11.Lord Lhus - 'He Sold Out'
12.Nut-Rageous, Termanology & Reks - 'The Ill Bunch'
13.D-Stroy, Sicknature & Freestyle (of The Arsonists) - 'The Time Is Now'
14.Block McCloud, LordWillin & Sabac Red - 'Valley of Death'
15.Virtuoso & Young Haze - 'Scar Sculpture'
16.Lord Lhus, Qualm of Savage Brother & Darkskinned Assassin - 'I Did Everything'
17.Young Haze - 'Cross The Line'
18.Kaze & El Da Sensei - 'Survive The Mess'
19.Nut-Rageous - 'Man In The Mirror'

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