DJ Norm Rocwell - Escape(ism) CDR

DJ Norm Rocwell - Escape(ism) CDRDJ Norm Rocwell
Year: 2009
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Ya know...if perfection had a picture next to it in the dictionary you would find a portrait of our very own DJ Norm Rocwell! Over the years, ask anyone close to him and here at Access, we've heard him say from time to time that his mix was ''30%'' complete, ''52%'' or ''88.5%'' and so on! We are now ''100%'' sure that Norm is ''99.9%'' happy with his finished product and in his own words: ''Everyone needs to get away sometimes. Unfortunately, you can't always do so physically. While responsibilities may keep us grounded in one location, music transcends. It becomes it's own form of transport as you ride the rhythm of that departure from the daily grind. Life is unrelenting, which can be either exhilarating or exhausting. At times it is both. Just close your eyes and breathe to the beat.'' Escape(ism) is a 41-track epic journey thru nujazz, upbeat soul, and hip hop featuring music by Nujabes, Esthero, J.Rawls, Si*Se, DJ Day, Dela, Fat Jon, Zero 7, Presto, DJ Tonk, and many more, with EXCLUSIVE tracks by DJ Vinroc, Choice37, Freddie Joachim, and evs. SUPER LIMITED repress for the summertime! For fans or followers of Homegrown Blends! Check out the sampler here:

Mixed and compiled by DJ Norm Rocwell

1.James Brown - 'Escape(ism) Introduction'
2.Choice37 - 'Search'
3.Bulljun - 'Sho' Nuff'
4.Freddie Joachim - 'The Wind' [EXCLUSIVE JOINT]
5.Ohmega Watts - 'Adaptacao' (feat. Tita Lima)
6.J.Rawls & Middle Child - 'Thankful'
7.DJ Vinroc - 'The Revealing' [EXCLUSIVE JOINT]
8.Boney James - 'Shine' (feat. Esthero)
9.DJ Soulscape - 'Lover's Funk 69'
10.The Dining Rooms - 'African Loungesters'
11.Mo' Horizons - 'Ay Y N'ama (DJ Day Remix)'
12.Fuuri - 'The Present Now'
13.Lava - 'Vem Para Ficar'
14.Keyco - 'Catch The Vibration' (feat. Moomin)
15.Si*Se - 'Brazilian'
16.Nujabes - 'Summer Gypsy'
17.Bulljun - '4-What-U-Get (Thankful 'n' Thoughtful)'
18.Choice37 - 'Untitled' [EXCLUSIVE JOINT]
19.Freddie Joachim - 'Put It Down (Instrumental)'
20.A.Y.B. Force - 'Merry-Go-Round'
21.Nujabes - 'Still Talking To You'
22.Solime - 'Dazzling Sun'
23.Cradle - 'Indivisible Contradiction'
24.DJ Ryow - 'Strain Of Stairs'
25.Presto - 'The Chase'
26.Fat Jon - 'Day'
27.A Might Forest Black - 'Fresh In My Mind'
28.A.Y.B. Force - 'Carioca Moon'
29.45 - 'Struttin'
30.Dela - 'Won't Do' (feat. Miles Bonny)
31.DJ Tonk - 'Untitled'
32.Jaz Coleman - 'Hello, I Love You'
33.DJ Day - 'A Place To Go'
34.DJ Tonk - 'Galaxy' (feat. Asiah)
35.Freddie Joachim - '24 Hours 7 Days (Instrumental)'
36.DJ Kram - 'Ma Ala Ala Mo Kaya'
37.evs - 'Jeshno Beat' [EXCLUSIVE JOINT]
38.DJ Vinroc - '2nd To None' [EXCLUSIVE JOINT]
39.Choice37 - 'Shine' [EXCLUSIVE JOINT] (feat. Lauren Santiago)
40.Fat Jon - 'Her' / Escape(ism) Outro
41.Zero - 'Give It All Away'

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Dope Mix!, March 9, 2010
By: buttonpusha - See all my reviews

Don't sleep on this one. Norm takes you on a journey with these joints. Plus, you can't miss out on all the exclusives!

Dope, November 16, 2009
By: Blame One - See all my reviews

This is a dope cd to have in your collection. Good driving material for me. Plus norm is my elderly uncle.

Dj Norm Rocwell, October 24, 2009
By: jcg - See all my reviews

speechless. completely fell in love with it!

YES!, September 23, 2009
By: lgmf - See all my reviews

This is the best. EVER. Buy it RIGHT NOW or forever be missing out.

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