Sole & the Skyrider Band - Plastique (used) CD

Sole & the Skyrider Band - Plastique (used) CDSole & the Skyrider Band
Label: Fake Four
Year: 2009
Price: $4.95
Format: CD

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Plastique is the brand new and official follow up to Sole & The Skyrider Band's selft titled debut which was released back in 2007 on Anticon Records (the album also recieved an entire remix treatment!). In the time that has passed, the group, also composed of Bud Berning (mainly on production), William Ryan Fritch (multi talented instrumentalist), and John Wagner (drums) have toured all over the country and have now relocated to work on different projects in and around LA, with Fritch doing various solo and side projects, Berning and Wagner teaming up with Restiform Bodies beat-head Telephone Jim Jesus to form Furious Stylez, and Sole still kickin' it in the isolation of Arizona. Ceschi and David Ramos' Fake Four Inc. have taken on the task of releasing the new project, which feels like a step in a different direction if not above the previous album, in which Sole's long awaited return focused on politics and personal struggles, here we are back to familiar social commentaries and observations, while the quest to find inner-peace is still blocked by the distractions of the eroding world and cultures that surround us. A more co-hesive effort with an even more powerful sound not so structured as last time to back it all up! Longtime fans will definitely want this one!

Open copy played in our store. Near mint condition (disc, digipak and booklet).

1.Children of Privilege
2.Battlefields (feat. Markus Acher (The Notwist))
4.Nothing Pt. 2
6.Pissing In The Wind
8.Mr. Insurgent

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