The Upstroke - Porno Groove LP

The Upstroke - Porno Groove LPThe Upstroke
Label: Secret Stash Records & Fantasy Productions
Year: 2009
Price: $14.95
Format: Vinyl

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Back in your younger days, did you ever come across an ancient looking porno tape from someone's secret stash and checked it out on the old VCR? Sure, we all have! Haven't we? And seriously, to comment on topic, there used to be a bizarre amount of art and quality that went into Adult Films in the 70's, from actual storylines, filmstock and original soundtracks. There was always something so different about the music in 70's porn that you just don't get anymore and Porno Grooves compiles some of the best of the best...classic soundtracks to some of the earliest and most controversial triple X movies of their day. Surprisingly enough it's not the cheesy crap. From disco to rock, funk and other saucy stuff, this is yet another untapped area of rare playable breaks and sample worthy loops you probably never thought to find yourself. Featuring tracks like ''Grateful Head,'' ''Special Delivery,'' ''Two Is Better Than One'' and more all on limited edition pink vinyl! GO!

1.Grateful Head (from ''Jaynee's Woodstock Adventure'')
2.In My El Camino (from ''The Beaver Hunter'')
3.Gus On The Bus (from ''The Traveling Salesman'')
4.Sweet Juices (from ''Honeydew'')
5.Special Delivery (from ''Lonely Mrs. Johnson'')
6.Dr. Mann's Prescription (from ''Insatiable'')
7.Do You Dance? (from ''Right of Passage'')
8.O (from ''The Story of Y'')
9.Carma's Theme (from ''Studio 69'')
10.Malibu High (from ''Ride Me Like A Wave'')
11.Two Is Better Than One (from ''Rosemary Cloney'')

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