Question+Freddie Joachim - Study Guide CD

Question+Freddie Joachim - Study Guide CDQuestion+Freddie Joachim
Label: Organology / Redclay Sound
Year: 2009
Price: $15.95
Format: CD

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Out of print

This collaborative project started as a conversation between two like-minded individuals, Question and Freddie Joachim. They call it, ''STUDY GUIDE: An instrumental look at scholastic development.'' The concept was simple; both artists possessed a distinct sound with an emphasis on jazz. The end result is a compilation that walks you through one of the most progressive musical art form. Both artists have been spinning hip hop and jazz plus other genres since the 1990s. Freddie has produced music for many indie hip hop and soul artists worldwide. His first album, ''In With Time'', was released 2008 in Japan, and featured Aloe Blacc, Blu, Munshine, Choice 37, Lauren Santiago, Profile (The Upstarts/The Sound Providers), Surreal, Othello, Son of Ran and more. Question started making beats with an ASR-10. He then moved on to the MPC and has stuck to it ever since. Question's music is an interpretation of a timeless era, purely fueled by Jazz & Soul. This US version features eight more tracks than the original Japan release and is now out of print.

1.Question - 'Autumn'
2.Freddie Joachim - 'A Maze'
3.Question - 'Earl Grey'
4.Freddie Joachim - 'Calm'
5.Question - 'Conte'
6.Freddie Joachim - 'Cool Down'
7.Question - 'Deedsy'
8.Freddie Joachim - 'Foolish'
9.Question - 'Sun Light'
10.Freddie Joachim - 'Shoulder Kiss'
11.Question - 'Rainy Day'
12.Freddie Joachim - 'Virgo'
13.Question - 'Spiked Punch'
14.Freddie Joachim - 'The Jade'
15.Question - 'Thanks Chuck'
16.Freddie Joachim - 'My Breakdown Lady'
17.Question - 'Alone'
18.Freddie Joachim - 'Let Go Now'
19.Question - 'Find Another Way'
20.Freddie Joachim - 'Moons'
21.Freddie Joachim - 'I Know'
22.Freddie Joachim - 'The Feel'
23.Freddie Joachim - 'My Sweet Baby'
24.Freddie Joachim - 'What A Woman Really Needs'

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