Carlos Nino - High With A Little Help.. CD

Carlos Nino - High With A Little Help.. CDCarlos Nino
Label: Plug Research
Year: 2009
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Format: CD

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Beautiful ambiance and beat-less music from the LA musician who has popped up just about everywhere in the past year as everyone knows his name but maybe still aren't sure what it's all about. Whether it was his work with Lil Sci on Elevations or his covers of four Jay Dee classics on Suite For Ma Dukes just a few weeks back, it's possible you've heard something by now. Why he's not composing music for movies I have no idea, and I am equally confused by his hip hop following, but as the saying goes...''good music is good music'' and I believe he has an ear for the hypnotic loop and sampling work that we crave in hip hop. Plus he offers his own gentle jazz approach to classic musical inspirations of Hollywood's Golden Age on the Silver Screen. Perfect if you're in that mood and very fun to play around with over a few breaks! GO!

1.Thursday, August 9, 2007
2.9 Moons Full
3.With Azul
4.Ants And Elephants
5.Aquarius (Rough Mix)
6.Lonely Joined By Happy
7.Rosarito Beach / Creative Cries
9.9 Moons Return
10.Rabbit Island

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