Wordsmiths - End of Discussion CD

Wordsmiths - End of Discussion CDWordsmiths
Label: Wordsmiths Inc.
Year: 2009
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Format: CD

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Just east of San Diego out of Lakeside comes the WordSmiths. Composed of members Solicit, Jaw Jargon and Enormous, and following up their first album Aggressive Intellect. Full of battle-style and storytelling content and a lean on the classic southern California sound. Featuring guest appearances by Planet Asia and Main Flow.

2.Breaking and Entering (feat. Planet Asia / Main Flow)
3.Follow the Leader
4.In the Beginning
5.Run Away
6.End of Discussion
7.Unfinished Business (feat. Main Flow)
8.Freaky Hoes
10.Reppin' LKSD
11.I'm Sorry
12.Just Wait (feat. Copywrite)
13.God Looked Me In My Eyes
14.Lif'e Too Short
15.The Payback
16.Are You Down
17.Anymore (feat. King DOM)

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WordSmiths - End Of Discussion REVIEW by, July 2, 2009
By: Solicit - See all my reviews

WordSmiths (by timstaump)
"End of Discussion," is performed by Lakeside's finest; the WordSmiths. They absolutely killed it on this new album! Their rhymes are unshakable and the instrumentals are used to their full potential. The music was used to compliment and enhance their words, not distract from their words. They display musicality throughout the entire album. They put on an intense "in your face," performance, and the overall flow of the album is smooth and cohesive. One of the many talents of the WordSmiths is in the way they emphasize their words. They are poets, perfectly accenting the right words at the right moment. Their phrasing abilities should be envied. Their words are spoken clearly, so there is no issue in understanding what they are saying.

Track three, "Follow The Leader," grabbed us from the very start. Their passion fills every word, and they represent the art form of rap with perfection. So many artists try to rap, but they don't accomplish the WordSmith's same original, musical, intelligent twist of words and rhythms. We really want to emphasis how musically the WordSmiths performed this album because it is not any easy thing to accomplish in rap. "In The Beginning" is one of our favorites on the album. The words paint a detailed picture. You can hear the determination and honest struggle come through every verse. This song is memorable and inspiring. "Run Away," has some great mixing. There was panning in the headphone mix which added that theatrical element to the music. It was yet another track that had verses that blew us away. We're still tryin' to get back on our feet!

On track six, "End of Discussion," the WordSmiths mark their territory, and they do it with that Lakeside swagger we know and love. For all the, "...wish you were me, MC's...," the WordSmiths wrote track seven, "Unfinished Business feat. Main Flow." In this track the hook was sung, and since their last album "Aggressive Intellect," they have definitely come far with their singing abilities. "Reppin' LKSD," was number nine on the album. The WordSmiths put together those vivid words, and if you close your eyes during the song you can almost see our little nook called Lakeside. "I'm Sorry," shows a softer side to the WordSmiths. This was also a favorite on the album. It is a very relatible song with great verses, a memorable hook, and one of the best beats on the album. Track thirteen, "God Looked Me In The Eyes," had one of our favorite verses from the entire album. Solicit's use of metaphors and adjectives is crazy impressive. We ended up listening to that same verse probably three times in a row to make sure we could take it all in. The WordSmiths ended the album with "Anymore feat. King.Dom." This song was probably the number one favorite on the album. The thunderstorm in the background was exactly what this song needed. It was a very solid ending to a well performed album. We think they should make a music video from this song.

"End of Discussion," raises the bar for all independent rap. They spoke about real tragedy, struggle, love, anger, and pride. They weave their words into kick ass rhymes that keep us entertained and wanting more. They started strong and ended strong. Most importantly, they were musical in their approach to the words, the beats, and the mixing. We really enjoyed "End Of Discussion." We recommend this album to any hip hop lover, and if you ever get a chance to visit Lakeside, come check these guys out when they perform live at one of the local pubs.

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