Domu - One Offs Remixes & BSides 2xCD

Domu - One Offs Remixes & BSides 2xCDDomu
Label: Tru Thoughts Recordings
Year: 2009
Price: $12.95
Format: CD

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It's been over 15-or-so years since a teenaged Dominic Stanton first pitched up in London's Dollis Hill. He signed to 4Hero's legendary Reinforced Records with his avant garde drum and bass outfit, Sonar Circle. The man behind the many monikers has built up a formidable reputation, DJing all over the world and releasing a total of eight albums, under various guises and aliases, on labels from Talking Loud to Ninja Tune. Under the Domu name he found his main niche, emerging as one of the main players in the world of broken beat and soulful electronica.

Disc 1
1.Domu - 'Collecting Dust'
2.Domu - 'Message To Omar'
3.Domu - 'Last Time' (feat. Nicole Kramer)
4.Chaka Domu & Lady Yolanda - 'Mash Up (The Dancehall Mix)'
5.Nicola Kramer - 'Best In Me'
6.Jinadu - 'Turning The Tide (Original Mix)'
7.Domu - 'Springbreak'
8.Domu - 'Something New'
9.Domu - 'Quarantine'
10.Domu - 'Dangerous Times'
11.Domu - 'Worldwide (Original Mix)'
12.Domu - 'Taking Flight'
13.Domu - 'Snake Eyes (Edit)'
14.Domu - 'Save It' (feat. Face)
Disc 2
1.The Rebirth - 'Talking Me Down (Domu Slow Remix)'
2.Spanky Wilson & The Quantic Soul Orchestra - 'Waiting For Your Touch (Domu Remix)'
3.Bukola - 'Hypnotised (Domu UMOD Mix)'
4.A.C. Lewis - 'Tickles (Domu Remix)' (feat. Ndidi Cascade)
5.Daedelus - 'Impending Doom (Domu Remix)'
6.Small Arms Fiya - 'Gotta Decide (Domu Mix)' (feat. Ayah)
7.Maddslinky - 'Something' Extra (Domu Mix)' (feat. Jenna G)
8.Nathan Haines - 'Tell Me (Domu Vocal Mix)'
9.Unforscene - 'Don't You Worry (Domu Remix)' (feat. Alice Russell)
10.Simon Grey - 'The Galactica Suite (Domu Remix)'
11.Jazzanova - 'Soon (Domu Vocal Mix)'
12.The Cinematic Orchestra - 'Man With The Movie Camera (Domu Remix)'
13.Broken 'n' English - 'Take It Low (Domu Remix)'

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