Paul White - The Strange Dreams of... CD

Paul White - The Strange Dreams of... CDPaul White
Label: One-Handed Music
Year: 2009
Price: $19.95
Format: CD

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Rising to the top of his game in the UK as one of the most innovative producers on the scene, Paul White's Strange Dreams of...arrives during a very competitive and evolving time in the instrumental hip hop market. With so many out there getting compared to the likes of Flying Lotus it can be hard to make a name for yourself and claim your own signature style. It is my opinion that comparisons such as the now cliched Flying Lotus kind are actually what helps others achieve decent word of mouth, but it must be said that Paul White is on his own trip inside his own mind. Often sonic and simple but plenty of progressive styles not heard before, make this album an enjoyable ride and easy to like. Comes in an extremely limited edition hand stitched mini-pillow case.

1.Cheese Special and a Draw
2.Flying Across Tokyo
3.The Uprising of the Insane
4.Time Wars
5.City Bright Lights
6.Alien Nature
7.One Eye Open
8.The Composers Soundtrack
9.Burnt By the Sun
10.Waiting For Time
11.Sugar Free Airlines
12.Floating Free
13.Looking Out to See
14.Surfing Off the Coast of Mexico
15.The Magic Tunetop
16.Road Rage
17.Sea Life
18.The Punch Drummer
19.Sleep Clapping
20.Let Your Imagination Go
21.Can't Sleep Make Music

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