Soulive - Up Here CD+DVD

Soulive - Up Here CD+DVDSoulive
Label: Royal Family Records
Year: 2009
Price: $11.95
Format: CD+DVD

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Over the past 10 years, Soulive has covered a lot of ground musically and literally. The band has traveled to nearly every corner of the world, touring Ghana, Russia, nearly all of Europe, Brazil, and Japan (nine times!). They've been across America on dozens of tours. New Orleans Jazz Fest has become a home away from home. And in their actual home, New York City, they are closing in on their 100th show. Not many bands can say they've recorded with Chaka Khan, Dave Matthews, Talib Kweli and John Scofield. Nor can many bands open for The Rolling Stones on one tour and have Stevie Wonder sit in with them on the next tour. Jazz, hip-hop, rock, soul, funk, R & B, blues - musically, there is not much the band hasn't done. In developing their own history, Soulive has been in the company of legends both new and old. Now unencumbered by a record contract and fully equipped with a state-of-the-art recording studio, Soulive is embracing the new music business model by launching their own record label, Royal Family Records. No matter how you listen to Up Here, it sounds like you're listening to vintage vinyl. One of the most difficult things about making a record with a great live band is capturing all that live energy while still making the record that's about songs. Up Here does as good a job as any record could in accomplishing this. ''Straight up, says drummer Alan Evans, ''this is the first Soulive album that I can say every tune on it is my favorite on the album.'' Second disc is the exclusive Live at Blue Note Tokyo DVD

Disc 1
1.Up Right
2.The Swamp
3.Too Much
4.Backwards Jack
7.Hat Trick
8.For Granted
Disc 2
6.Tuesday Night Special

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