DJ Boogie Brown - Dedicated CDR

DJ Boogie Brown - Dedicated CDRDJ Boogie Brown
Year: 2009
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Dedicated: A Tribute To The Love Zone is Boogie Brown's ultimate love song mixtape full of classic R&B jams and soulful ballads. In his own words: ''Before there was myspace, chat rooms, AIM, iPods, MP3's and texting, we had things like party lines, pen pals, Walkmans, mixtapes (actual cassette tapes) and pagers. Now when you're 13 years old with no money and no job, one of the only things you could do to show that person you had a crush on how you felt about them was to either make a mixtape or dedicate a song on the radio. In the Bay Area in the 90's the show to dedicate that song and publicly declare your love for that special someone was KMEL's 'The Love Zone.' This mix hopes to capture that whole feel good era of high school crushes and teenage love, and I wanted to take you back to the days of old fashioned house parties and slow dancing.'' Featuring tracks by B.B.D, Soul 4 Real, Jodeci, SWV, Janet Jackson, Mary J. Blige, Aaliyah, R. Kelly and much much more.

1.Jamie Foxx, Dwayne Wiggins - 'Intro'
2.Art Of Noise - ''Moments In Love''
3.Intro - ''Come Inside''
4.RFTW - ''Love You Down''
5.Force MD's - ''Tender Love''
6.Troop - ''Still In Love''
7.BBD - ''I Do Need You''
8.After 7 - ''Ready Or Not''
9.Ralph Tresvant - ''Do What I Gotta Do''
10.R Kelly - ''Honey Love''
11.The Newtrons - ''My Heart Beats For You''
12.Hi-Five - ''Unconditional Love''
13.Troop - ''I Will Always Love You''
14.Anquette - ''I Will Always Be There For You''
15.Guy - ''Let's Chill''
16.Keith Sweat - ''I'll Give All My Love To You (Remix)''
17.Soul 4 Real - ''If You Only Knew''
18.R Kelly - ''Bump N Grind (Remix)''
19.Jodeci - ''Freek'n You''
20.Silk - ''Freak Me''
21.SWV - ''Weak''
22.Troop - ''All I Do Is Think Of You''
23.Jodeci - ''Feenin''
24.Jodeci - ''Forever My Lady''
25.Aaliyah - ''One In A Million''
26.Shai - ''If I Ever Fall In Love (Remix)''
27.Changing Faces - ''Stroke You Up''
28.R Kelly - ''Dedicated''
29.Xscape - ''Who Can I Run To''
30.SWV - ''You're Always On My Mind''
31.Tony! Toni! Tone! - ''Just Me & You''
32.Bobby Brown - ''Roni''
33.Pebbles - ''Love Makes Things Happen'' (feat. Babyface)
34.Hi-Five - ''Quality Time''
35.Special Generation - ''Love Me Just For Me''
36.Janet Jackson - ''Come Back To Me''
37.The Jets - ''Make It Real''
38.Mary J Blige - ''Sweet Thing''
39.Xscape - ''Just Kickin' It''
40.Aaliyah - ''At Your Best''
41.Jade - ''One Woman Man''
42.Tony! Toni! Tone! - ''Lay Your Head On My Pillow''
43.Tony! Toni! Tone! - ''It Never Rains In Southern California''
44.Keith Sweat - ''Make It Last Forever'' (feat. Jackie Mcghee)
45.The Deele - ''Two Occassions''
46.Jodeci - ''Come And Talk To Me''
47.Janet Jackson - ''Let's Wait A While''
48.The Jets - ''You Got It All''
49.R Kelly - ''Your Body's Callin''
50.Tracie Spencer - ''Tender Kisses''
51.Tevin Campbell - ''Can We Talk''
52.Kenny Vaughan - ''Feels Like Heaven''
53.TLC - ''Baby-Baby-Baby''
54.DeBarge - ''Time Will Reveal''
55.Surface - ''The First Time''
56.Jodeci - ''Stay''
57.H-Town - ''Knockin' Da Boots''

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