Dumbfoundead - Fun With Dumb CD

Dumbfoundead - Fun With Dumb CDDumbfoundead
Year: 2009
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Format: CD

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Swim Team brings us the first solo album from Thirsty Fish member Dumbfoundead, leading the pack of this new generation of Project Blowdians! Accompanied by DJ Zo with production from D-Styles, Mike Gao, Soulspeak, Tokimonsta and more as well as guest appearances by fellow Thirsty Fish member Open Mic Eagle, Alpha MC, Abstract Rude, and Aceyalone to name just a few! I think if there were ever a rapper from Toon Town (the cartoon city from Who Framed Roger Rabbit?) it would have to be Dumbfoundead. With a diverse array of topics it all comes down to one thing...his sense of humor, slapstick and very zany at times - but behind all that is a quick witted intellectual who can freestyle like nobody's business. Bonus tracks include mixtape style action including a special take on Asher Roth's ''College'' and a live MC battle that sounded more it could have been a lost excerpt from an episode of HBO's Snaps and will have you in stitches! Yup, Snaps, and if you remember that then don't pass this up!

Tracks 1,7 and 10 Produced by Tokimonsta. Track 2 Produced by Meastro. Track 3 Produced by Kato. Track 4 Produced by Stillon. Track 5 Produced by Soulspeak. Tracks 6 and 13 Produced by D-Styles. Track 8 Produced by Cool Calm Pete. Track 11 Produced by Mike Gao. Track 12 Produced by Equalibrum. Tracks 9, 14, and Bonus Tracks n/a. All kuts by DJ Zo. Artwork and additional vocals by Rafeal Chamugua.

2.Night Riders
5.1st, 2nd, & 3rd
6.Fun with Zo
7.Favorite Song (feat. VerBS / Open Mike Eagle)
8.She's Built
9.Bullets Of Truth
10.Lets Smoke! (feat. Alpha MC)
11.She Don't Care
12.One Day (feat. Abstract Rude / Aceyalone)
13.Here Comes Trouble! (feat. D-Styles)
15.She Don't Care Remix (feat. Intuition / NoCanDo)
16.Junior College
17.Blue Ball Blues
18.K-Town Story
19.Dumfounded Vs. Tantrum (Audio)

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