Cage - Depart From Me 2xLP

Cage - Depart From Me 2xLPCage
Label: Definitive Jux
Year: 2009
Price: $17.95
Format: Vinyl

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Depart From Me couldn't have been titled better, as it is a complete departure from the Cage of old and even the more grown-up and matured recent version of the rapper we heard on Hell's Winter. Suffering perhaps from a relapse but not totally regressing to his old ways, we are once again brought into his twisted world only this time to the tune of thrashing guitar riffs and sonic backgrounds. On slower tracks he eases in and out of emceeing and singing, while the heavier stuff brings out the rap and bellowing. Very different than what longtime fans have come to expect, but a welcome experimental side if you ask me. It's still dark and it's still got his bizarre sense of humor...or maybe those aren't jokes. Featuring production by F.Sean, El-P and Aesop Rock! Def Jux!

1.Nothing Left To Say
2.Beat Kids
3.Dr. Strong
4.I Found My Mind In Connecticut
5.I Lost It In Havertown
6.Teenage Hands
7.Eating Its Way Out Of Me
8.Kick Rocks
9.Captain Burnout
11.Fat Kids Need An Anthem
12.Look At What You Did
13.Depart From Me
14.I Never Knew You

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