Mr. Brady - Labor of Love CD

Mr. Brady - Labor of Love CDMr. Brady
Label: Clear Label Records
Year: 2010
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San Diego's own Mr. Brady is a seasoned producer, DJ and MC who has been recording and releasing music out of SD since 1995. In 1999 Mr. Brady signed with Vancouver-based indie powerhouse Battle Axe Records, releasing the underground classic 12'' ''Let My Record Rotate'' and following up with two solid albums - ''Dirty'' and ''Dusty Baker''.

A few years later in 2003, Mr. Brady put together the group Deep Rooted who eventually linked with Tajai of Souls of Mischief and signed to Clear Label Records. The group's album, D.E.E.P.R.O.O.T.E.D., was released in 2009 and led to critical acclaim, garnering Mr. Brady an opening slot on the Souls of Mischief Montezuma's Revenge European tour.

The lead single on Labor of Love, ''Real Heavy'' features Guilty Simpson and Johaz of Deep Rooted. ''as soon as I made that beat, it just reminding me of something that Guilty would be on - raw, rough, rugged Hip Hop that was reminiscent of his style,'' explains Mr. Brady. Another standout track is ''Get Chose'' featuring Diamond D and Blu. ''I gave that beat to Diamond D first, so I couldn't put just anybody alongside him on the track, he's a legend. So Blu being one of the dopest up-and-coming artists out right now, he was a perfect fit.'' ''We Got That'' featuring Moka Only & Opio took some work to accomplish - ''I had this beat & sent it to Opio but where he was on tour he couldn't find anyone to record it. So on his SD stop I picked him up, he layed his verse, and I got him back in time for his show.''

The DIY approach Mr. Brady took in creating Labor of Love led him not only to collaborate with Diamond D & so many other respected MCs, but allowed him to make a record he loved by bartering services. ''Me & Brea from Deep Rooted worked on the rough mixes, and Cash Flow from Spain did the final mixes in exchange for me laying a verse on one of his tracks.'' Labor of Love is a testament to what the independent artist can accomplish when they truly love their craft. Mr. Brady is proud to tell you that this album wasn't done in a big studio. ''All this was made in my bedroom with me emailing beats to people'' he explains. ''It's not what you have, but what you do with what you've got.''

Produced by Mr. Brady

1.Labor of Love
2.Hard Hittin (feat. MED / Shawn Jackson)
3.Real Heavy (feat. Guilty Simpson / Johaz)
4.Work! (feat. Sene)
5.Get Choze (feat. Diamond D / Blu)
6.Get Smart (feat. Moka Only)
7.Abroad (feat. Shawn Jackson)
8.Faulty Ways, Faulty Days (feat. Sene / Just Brea)
9.Mind the Madness (feat. LMNO)
10.Impossible (feat. Kas One)
11.Move With The Times (feat. Blame One / Exile)
12.We Got That (feat. Opio / Moka Only)
13.Everything (feat. Sha Dula)
14.That Soul (feat. Tajai / Just Brea)
15.Catch (feat. Aloe Blacc)
16.Magnifyin (Bonus Track) (feat. Diamond D)

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Under the radar, January 5, 2011
By: kayaman - See all my reviews

This album is really good.....a couple of electronic-ish sounding beats but they're still good....the tracks with tajai and blu are the best!!....if you haven't listened to mr. brady i suggest you should.....he gots some good beats on deck along with somy good lyricist

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