Scatter Brain & Psychopop - Chasing Victims Through Sound Systems CDR

Scatter Brain & Psychopop - Chasing Victims Through Sound Systems CDRScatter Brain & Psychopop
Label: Red Lotus Klan
Year: 2009
Price: $9.95
Format: CDR

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From the depths of the hardcore San Diego underground scene! Rough and rugged beat scientist Deth Shepard (of Skrapez Crew) combines his alter ego Psycho Pop with fellow hardcore beat monger Infinity Gauntlet's alter ego as Scatter Brain. Fans know just what to expect with the dark and distorted production with Infinity Gauntlet stepping out from behind the beats and taking the mic for some battle heavy rhymes! Featuring guest scratching by Tenshun! ''Chasing victims through sound systems.''

Open copy, played in our store. Excellent condition.

1.The Butcher of Bosnia
2.Creative Anarchy
3.Blood On The Walls
4.Rotten King
6.Designer Drugs
7.Raising Hell

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I have, July 7, 2011
By: LECTYR3 - See all my reviews

Enjoyed every infinity gauntlet production I have purchased. Nothing like popping the unusual sounds of infinity gauntlet and people being like "what the fuck is this?" and then asking me let them borrow it. A harrowing ride through who knows the fuck what...grab bag of hallucinations.

Untitled, April 9, 2010
By: luke_warm - See all my reviews

Great vibe on this album. I was listening to this in the car
at dusk, for the first time, and the whole city took on a
different feeling. That's a crazy effect for an album to
accomplish. Lyrical content- the stuff being talked about is
really creative and the beats are immersive.

If that weren't enough, one of the strengths of this album,
not found on as many projects as you'd think, is the
thoroughness, completeness, and comprehensiveness of the
style. Each track is a different angle of the same world.
Great team and contribution. Much respect for doing
something different and doing it well.

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