Shing02 & DJ Icewater - For The Tyme Being CD

Shing02 & DJ Icewater - For The Tyme Being CDShing02 & DJ Icewater
Year: 2009
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Format: CD

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Bilingual emcee/producer Shing02 has been making hip hop music for over 15 years, with several albums on the Japanese based Mary Joy Recordings. For The Tyme Being is a brand new mix with Shingo rapping in English, almost never taking a breath, over familiar beats and original productions from over the years. This one is meant to hold fans over until the official full-length album is released.

Credits by track: 2: produced by DJ Dai Nasty (shouts by Booty Brown of The Pharcyde). 3: original version produced by DJ Conshus and DJ Icewater. 4: produced by CAVE. 5: produced by Nujabes, scratches by DJ Kou (Circus DJs) (shouts by Lyrics Born). 6: produced by Yakkle, TOKiMONSTA remix produced by TOKiMONTSTA, scratches by DnZ (shouts by Tajai of Souls Of Mischief). 7: remixed by DJ Haes, vocals from Stop-Rokkasho Project. 8: produced by Eccy. 9: produced by Jovian (shouts by Tre of The Pharcyde). 10: produced by Yakkle, original version produced by Nujabes, original Soundtrack for Samurai Champloo (shouts by Jern Eye). 11: original version produced by Lord Order and Numbfingaz. 12: produced by Headnodic, original version unreleased. 13: produced by Aziz Habibi, original version unreleased. 14: produced by DJ $hin, scratches by DJ Icewater. 15: Luv(sic) Part3 produced by Nujabes, scratches by DJ A-1; Luv(sic) DJ Haes Remix produced by DJ Haes (message from Bleedz). 16: produced by Sacha (unreleased track). 17: produced by a.z. 18: produced by DJ Haes, original version produced by DJ Krush. 19: produced by Junzo. 20: produced by Versus Dois (unreleased track) (shouts by Kirby Dominant). 21: produced by DJ Narcis Jr & Jonny Wilson, remixed by Vector Omega (unreleased track). 22: produced by CAVE (message from P.E.A.C.E). 23: original version produced by Kento. 24: original music by Antonio Carlos Jobim, scratches by DJ A-1 (message from The Grouch). 25: produced by The Grouch. 26: produced by Yamabiko, Yakkle, dub by Shuichi Sugimoto, original version produced by DJ Top Bill. 27: produced by Range Strunk (shouts by Imani of The Pharcyde). 28: produced by JUZU. 29: produced by KK. 30: produced by Oji (original song: Divine Star Estrella ''Dance Phobia''). 31: Dick Dawg. 33: produced by, scratches by DJ Top Bill.

1.DJ Icewater - 'Intro'
2.DJ Dai Nasty - 'Dai Nasty Break' (feat. Shing02)
3.Shing02 - 'Metroidz (Ice Blend)'
4.Joe Con - 'War With The Senses' (feat. Shing02)
5.Nujabes - 'F.I.L.O.' (feat. Shing02)
6.Shing02 - 'Big City Lights (TOKiMONSTA Remix)'
7.Shing02 - '93 till Rokkasho'
8.Eccy - 'Ultimate High' (feat. Shing02)
9.Kensho Kuma - V.O.L.S.' (feat. Shing02)
10.Shing02 - 'Battle Cry Trifecta'
11.Shing02 - 'G*A*M*E (Ice Blend)' (feat. Ghostface Killah / Napoleon)
12.Shing02 - 'Zone' (feat. Jern Eye)
13.Shing02 - 'OT_Anthem' (feat. Spank Rock / Aziz Habibi / Jasko)
14.Shing02 - 'Miditation'
15.Nujabes - 'Luv(sic) Part 3 / Luv(sic) DJ Haes Remix' (feat. Emi Meyer)
16.Shing02 - 'So Dear'
17.Shing02 - 'Start Again (a.z remix)'
18.Shing02 - 'The Clash (DJ Haes Remix)'
19.Shing02 - 'Pearl Harbor (10th Anniversary Redux)'
20.Shing02 - 'Meu Habitar' (feat. Emi Meyer)
21.Shing02 - 'New Era's Eve'
22.Shing02 - 'Real Kings'
23.Shing02 - 'Nossa Promessa (Ice blend)'
24.Shing02 - 'One Note Samba'
25.The Grouch - 'Car Troubles Part 2' (feat. Shing02 / Kirby Dominant)
26.Shing02 - 'Avatar Four Heads Remix'
27.Triki - 'The Way I See It' (feat. Shing02)
28.Shing02 - 'Grace'
29.KK - 'Lift The Fog Up' (feat. Shing02)
30.Shing02 - 'Dance Phobia OT Remix' (feat. Spank Rock / Aziz Habibi / Jasko)
31.Shing02 - 'Love You Like Water'
32.Shing02 - 'Yesterday'
33.Shing02 - 'Follow Me'

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