Cut Chemist & Keb Darge - Lost & Found: Rockabilly 2xCD

Cut Chemist & Keb Darge - Lost & Found: Rockabilly 2xCDCut Chemist & Keb Darge
Label: BBE Music
Year: 2007
Price: $16.95
Format: CD

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Lost and Found: Rockabilly and Jump Blues resurrects a host of long-lost '50s jump tunes, with precious little overlap with music that already appears on disc.

Disc 1
1.Buddy Griffin and his Orchestra - 'I Got A Secret (I Aint Gonna Keep)'
2.Big 'T' Tyler - 'Sadie Green'
3.Rudy Greene - 'Juicy Fruit'
4.Omar & the Stringpoppers - 'My Baby Don't Breathe'
5.Chuck Berry - 'Too Much Monkey Business'
6.Lou Millet - 'Shorty the Barber'
7.Carlos & The Bandidos - 'Fever'
8.The Scarlets - 'Stampede'
9.Ray Harris - 'Come On Little Mama (Alternate Take)'
10.Dale Vaughn - 'How Can You Be Mean To Me'
11.Willie & the stringpoppers - 'Oh Baby Babe'
12.Corky Jones - 'Hot Dog'
13.High Noon - 'Don't have a heart left to break'
14.Moonlighters - 'Broken Heart'
15.The Imps - 'That'll Get It'
16.Jack Rabbit Slim - 'Long time dead'
17.Ronnie Hayward - 'You Hound Ya Lie'
18.Mark Lee Allen & The Driver Brothers - 'Oil Field Is Burning'
Disc 2
20.Little Junior's Blue Flames - 'Feeling Good'
21.Jesse Powell Orchestra - 'The Walkin' Blues (Walk Right In, Walk Right Out)'
21.McKinley Mitchell - 'Rock Everybody Rock'
22.John Fred & The Playboys - 'Boogie Children'
23.Arsen Roulette - 'Lovin' On My Mind'
24.Link Wray and his Wray Men - 'Run Chicken Run'
25.The Phantom - 'Love Me'
26.Johnny Clark The Four Playboys - 'Jungle Stomp'
27.The Recalls - 'Nobody's Guy'
28.Ric Cartey - 'Scratching on my screen'
29.Johnny Burnette - 'Rock Billy Boogie'
30.Kick 'Em Jenny - 'Stressed Up'
31.The Night Raiders - 'Cottonpickin'
32.Junior Dean and the Avalons - 'Chick Chick'
33.Johnny Powers with the Band of Stan Getz & Tom Cats - 'Long Blond Hair, Red Rose Lips'
34.Wayne Walker - 'All I Can Do Is Cry'
35.Charlie Feathers - 'Bottle to the Baby'
36.Flea Bops: Ronnie, Preston, Wendy and Lance - 'Good Time Woman'
37.The Planet Rockers - 'Batteroo'

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