Toki Wright - A Different Mirror CD

Toki Wright - A Different Mirror CDToki Wright
Label: Rhymesayers Entertainment
Year: 2009
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Format: CD

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Toki Wright is not only a well established emcee but one of the hardest working community activists in the Twin Cities area. With numerous accolades and best known as opening act and hypeman for Brother Ali, Toki has toured from New York to Uganda. A Different Mirror features Brother Ali, Scarub (Living Legends), I Self Devine, Felipe Cuauhtli (Los Nativos), St. Paul Slim & Trama.

Produced by Brother Ali, Benzilla, Medium Zach, Reggie Reg PC & Sevadar Sehaj.

2.More Fiya
3.Devil's Advocate
5.A Different Mirror
6.Rise (feat. Scarub)
7.Next Best Thing
8.The Law (feat. I Self Devine)
9.State of Emergency
10.Truth or Dare
11.The Feeling (feat. Brother Ali)
12.Little Girl
13.Poison Ivy (Afreecan-American)
14.Get Up (hidden bonus track) (feat. Felipe Cuauhtli / St. Paul Slim / Trama)

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Brings back that mid 90s hip hop sound. Worth picking up., July 7, 2009
By: cvac - See all my reviews

Toki reminds me a lot of mid 90s hip hop. What I mean by that is Toki has a similar aesthetic and has concentrated on making a well-crafted album that goes through different moods while still maintaining a unified feel. Hard boom bap tracks with battle rhymes, songs about love and sex, socially conscious/storylike songs,etc. None of it feels forced either. One thing I really like about this album is that Toki can put together a good hook to go with his verses. The hook from the second track will be in your head for days. A lot of MCs can't do hooks very well, so it's obvious he's been doing music for awhile and has honed his craft even if this is his first solo record. Of course the beats are updated and they aren't as sample heavy as a vintage 90s album, but they are very well done and don't rely so much on synthetic sounding elements that they are devoid of soul.

While this isn't a perfect album, Toki is on point 85-90% of the time and the sincerity, personality, and energy of this album makes it an exciting listen. Highly recommended.

As an aside, I think the label's "spotlight series" is a very good idea. I just hope the subsequent albums in the series are just as good as this one.

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