Grand Puba - Retroactive CD

Grand Puba - Retroactive CDGrand Puba
Label: Babygrande Records
Year: 2009
Price: $15.95
Format: CD

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Hip-Hop legend and founding member of the seminal group Brand Nubian, Grand Puba announces his signing with indie powerhouse Babygrande Records for the release of his fourth solo album, Retroactive. Grand Puba has been a crucial participant in the hip-hop movement since its early days. Originally a member of the group Masters of Ceremony, he became the lead emcee of the New Rochelle-based Brand Nubian in 1989. Although their upbeat music and positive lyrics tied them strongly to the Native Tongues movement (De La Soul, A Tribe Called Quest etc.), Brand Nubian's politics and religion were always at the forefront of their music, often making it not commercial enough for the rap that ruled the airwaves during those times. As a solo artist, Grand Puba has been extremely successful as well, as many still consider both his Reel 2 Reel and P2000 albums to be classics. In 1998, he reunited with Brand Nubian for Foundation, and in 2004 for Fire In The Hole. Grand Puba once again returns to his trademark style, intelligent lyrics, socio-political themes and a smooth laid-back delivery. Featuring production from Large Professor, Q-Tip, Grand Puba himself and more. Also with guest appearances by Q-Tip, Large Professor, Lord Jamar, Tifini Davis, Sadat X and Kid Capri.

1.I See Dead People (feat. Rell / Lord Jamar (Brand Nubian))
3.It Is What It Is (feat. Tiffini Davis)
4.Get That Money
5.How Long?
6.Good To Go (feat. Q-Tip)
7.Same Old Drama (feat. Large Pro)
8.This Joint Right Here (feat. Kid Capri)
9.Go Hard (feat. Talee)
10.Reality Check (feat. Sarah Martinez)
11.Cold Cold World (feat. Khadija Mohammad)
12.Smile (Outro) (feat. Big Phil)
13.This Joint Right Here (Remix) (feat. Kid Capri / Sadat X / Lord Jamar (Brand Nubian))

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