Willie Isz (Khujo+Jneiro) - Georgiavania CD

Willie Isz (Khujo+Jneiro) - Georgiavania CDWillie Isz (Khujo+Jneiro)
Label: Lex Records
Year: 2009
Price: $12.95
Format: CD

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Brand new album from Shape of Broad Minds mastermind Jneiro Jarel aka Dr. Who Dat, as he takes his love for the soulful sounds of southern hip hop and marries it with his own unique production style. Once again on Lex Records and now teaming up on Georgiavania (Georgia meets Pennsylvania) with Khujo (of Goodie Mob) after the two hit it off with the ''OPR8R EP'' guest appearance, and together they form Willie Isz, a name agreed upon after sharing that they both have fathers with the same first name. Isz comes from the 90's alternative comics label Image, which spun-off one of its launch titles into the MTV cartoon The Maxx. So, now that the some of the creative process of the backstory is out of the way, it's easier to embrace the album's smooth and futuristic vibe, while they also attempt to recapture the Dungeon Family sound that Goodie Mob and fellow Atlanta natives helped introduce to hip hop in the 90's. From the soulful vocal crooning to the hard hitting southern style deliveries and the thumping beats, the album is both Fresh and refreshing, and unlike any other album that has come out this year and will probably be in a class of its own for quite some time.

1.Willie Intro
2.Blast Off
5.Gawn Jet
6.I Didn't Mean To
7.U Want Some
8.Spiritual Gladiators
9.The Grussle
10.Violet Heart Box
12.In The Red

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