DJ Vadim - U Can't Lurn Imaginashun 2xLP

DJ Vadim - U Can't Lurn Imaginashun 2xLPDJ Vadim
Label: BBE Music
Year: 2009
Price: $18.95
Format: Vinyl

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With his last album Soundcatcher from 2007, DJ Vadim gave us more than we could have asked for, as he even released with it an entire remixed version with exclusive cuts on Extras and an instrumental version on vinyl along with two singles! But in 2008 the producer was met only with personal hardships after coming off of such a successful album, seeing his family struggle and watch as his own health almost slipped away after being diagnosed with eye cancer. Leaving him partially blind, he overcame instead of succumbing to the disease and has now found new meaning in life while searching within for new meaning in his music, which he credits to helping him move on from all the problems he was faced with. Known not only for his impressive discography both solo and with his group work, but also for his worldly travels, touring the globe most recently with DJ Krush and Slick Rick, DJ Vadim's sound never stays grounded in just one style. U Can't Lurn Imaginashun is proof of that. Influences from all over are felt, from traditional hip hop roots with a deeply soulful, groovy and funky touch to the dub, Euro and earthly tones of world-beat. The guests never overpower what Vadim has created, and like instruments or an added sample, they simply move the music even further, each with their own futuristic twist. And perhaps the highlight for me (besides trying his hand at keyboards and also sampling and tweaking his own voice) was utilizing the dreaded auto- tune we hear so much these days, with Chicago emcee Pugz Atomz on ''Saturday!'' Also featuring returning collaborators Big Red, Kathrin DeBoer, and Yarah Bravo of One Self as well as vocals by Heidi Vogel, Sabira Jade and more. For fans not only of DJ Vadim, of course, but the recently released Soul Vibrations by J-Boogie and The Dubtronic Science for comparison.

1.Soldier (feat. Big Red / 5Nizza)
2.R3 Imaginashun
3.That Life (feat. Juice Lee / Rjay)
4.Thrill Seeker (feat. Sabira Jade)
5.Beijos (feat. Heidi Vogel)
6.Saturday (feat. Pugz Atomz)
7.Strictly Rockers 215
8.Under Your Hat (feat. Kathrin DeBoer / Governor Tiggy)
9.Game Tight
10.You Are Yours (feat. Yarah Bravo)
11.Maximum (feat. La Methode)
12.I Want To Shout Out (feat. Sabira Jade)
13.Always Lady (feat. Pugz Atomz / Wes Restless)
14.Pink Stilettoes (feat. Sunny)
15.Thrill 103
16.Rock Dem Hot
17.Hidden Treasure (feat. Sabira Jade / Kwasi Asante)
18.Tu He Ma Ne Toddy

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