Themselves - theFREEhoudini deluxe CD

Themselves - theFREEhoudini deluxe CDThemselves
Label: Anticon
Year: 2009
Price: $10.95
Format: CD

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Hells yeah! The return of Dose One and Jel ten years since their first album and six years since The No Music! Previously available as a download only, this official Anticon issued hard copy now features bonuses! This brand new collection of tracks and freestyles now features sequenced not mixtaped songs, 16 minutes of additional content, and newer featurings with Alias and Passage accompanied by Fog mastermind Andrew Broder in DJ form, with tracks said to be slated for the forthcoming full length album! Time to name drop, theFreehoudini also features guest spots by Aesop Rock, Busdriver, a Clouddead reunion, Buck 65, Sole, Slug, Pedestrian and more with guest DJ's Baku and D-Styles as well as contributions from Odd Nosdam who handled the original mix! This is limited to 2,000 copies world wide, with 1,000 on tour and only 1,000 others going to places like Access! HEAT!

1.Reality Check
3.Know That To Know This (feat. Aesop Rock)
4.Kick the Ball (feat. Buck 65)
5.1 for No Money (feat. Sole)
6.Rappers Is Interns (Freestyle)
7.Party Rap Sucks (feat. Busdriver)
8.Long Time Coming (feat. Lionesque)
9.Swarm of Bee II
10.Back 2 Burn (feat. Pedestrian)
11.The Mark (feat. D-Styles)
12.Keys To Ignition (feat. Serengeti)
13.Roman Is As Roman Does
14.The Medicine (feat. Slug)
15.Free & Void
16.Rapping 4 Money (feat. cLOUDDEAD / Why?)
17.Rappers Is Modelships (Freestyle) (feat. DJ Baku)
18.Puzzled (feat. Passage)
19.Crossection of Wreckage (feat. Alias)
20.Each Ant In Their House

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