Carlos Nino - Suite For Ma Dukes CD

Carlos Nino - Suite For Ma Dukes CDCarlos Nino
Label: Mochilla
Year: 2009
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Format: CD

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Production powerhouse Carlos Nino and Miguel Atwood-Ferguson have worked together on a variety of projects for several years now. Suite For Ma Dukes grew out of when Nino hired Atwood-Ferguson's string quartet, Supernova, to perform on Dwight Trible & The Life Force Trio's ''Love is the Answer'' (Ninja Tune) in 2004. On that same Dwight Tribble album project, Nino met and then licensed a track from one of his heroes, James ''Jay Dee/J Dilla'' Yancey. After Dilla's untimely death only two years later, Nino and Atwood-Ferguson chose to pay tribute to Dilla by continuing the musical conversation that he had started, but in the contemporary chamber music style that Atwood-Ferguson had been developing. Suite for Ma Dukes is the first official release of this music and is Hip Hop as you have never heard. All four tracks cover Dilla's magic, giving treatment to Jay Dee classics from Common, A Tribe Called Quest, and Slum Village. In each, the harmonic and melodic beauty of Dilla's music is liberated. The project received the official blessing from Ma Dukes herself and part of the proceeds from the record will go to Dilla's heirs.

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1.Find A Way
3.Fall In Love
4.Nag Champa

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GOOD, May 8, 2009
By: AUBENDOZA - See all my reviews

This is really a pleasure to listen to. very relaxing
A nice lil change from the norm. This is some Dilla songs re done by an orchestra or something, sounds like live instruments. Very similar to J RAWLS Liquid crystal project, cept these r only Dilla songs, no other stuff on there cept dilla. Which is good cause all the songs on the album r dope So if u like dilla and collect dilla stuff u should buy this, and if u just wanna hear some good music chk this out.

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