Bike For Three! (Buck 65) - More Heart Than Brains CD

Bike For Three! (Buck 65) - More Heart Than Brains CDBike For Three! (Buck 65)
Label: Anticon
Year: 2009
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Format: CD

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Buck 65 follows up his highly acclaimed return to the states on 2007's The Situation (released by Sage Francis' Strange Famous Records) and pairs up with Anticon ten years after Man Overboard was originally released by the label. As with The Situation (produced by Skratch Bastid), though a talented producer himself, Buck allows for a change by letting a different producer devise the master mold of beats for the album's soundscape on Bike For Three with Belgium's Greetings From Tuskan. Based more in electronica, Buck 65's lyrics bring out the hip hop side of the album as you do hear the undertones in the often intentionally chaotic nature of the beats. Tweaking his vocals and using effects, playing out synths and keys in exchange for portions usually reserved for breakdowns. Perhaps the most interesting thing about this album is due to the fact that apparently the two did not meet during the making of More Heart Than Brains and yet it is a perfect project for Buck 65. Longtime fans will not be disappointed.

2.All There Is To Say About Love
3.Lazarus Phenomenon
5.There Is Only One Of Us
6.No Idea How
7.Always I Will Miss You, Always You
8.The Departure
9.First Embrace
10.Can Feel Love (Anymore)
11.One More Time Forever
12.MC Space
13.Let's Never Meet
14.More Heart Than Brians

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almost perfect, June 12, 2009
By: tawl tayl - See all my reviews

Man, i love every track 5/5 except for #12. #12 is old school, that's why i don't really care for it. One of the best cd's I've got in a while.

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