Apakalypse - Sicko Cell Theory CD

Apakalypse - Sicko Cell Theory CDApakalypse
Label: Nod Records
Year: 2009
Price: $13.95
Format: CD

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Last year we picked up an album by a little known hardcore MC out of Miami called Apakalypse. We were blown away by the raw nature of his lyrics and the equally rugged beats on Walking Coma! Now a year later, the Six Chapters of the Apakalypse continues with Sicko Cell Theory once again re-uniting him with E.D.K.'s gritty production and guest appearances by members of Apak's E.S.F Crew, including Lord Gamma and Deadroom Professa! I can honestly say that the Nod Records collective is coming through with a true hardcore sound. This time around, Apak is setting his sights and taking aim at commercial rappers and fake thugs among other things because he is definitely NOT HAVIN' IT. We're looking at you Flo-Rida! In fact, some of the anger unleashed on this album is exactly the sort of thing you might want to yell out at the top of your lungs about how bad mainstream rap has gotten, so in my opinion it's good therapy. Another interesting approach on this album in contrast to the personal side of Walking Coma, is some third person story telling-style tracks and some throw back toned down beats echoing 90's Wu and boom-bap! This shit is the type of ill music you listen to in traffic and then suddenly start to notice people in cars around you are rolling up their windows because they can't handle whats coming out of the speakers of the car next to them. Word! Also we just stocked his first album from 2003 with E.S.F. on Supreme Intoxication!

1.The Return click to listen
2.The Sicko Cell Theory
3.Code Red
4.Full Throttle click to listen
5.Emotions (feat. DeadRoom Professa / Lord Gamma) click to listen
6.I Mold You (feat. NonSense)
7.Never Forget click to listen
8.E.S.F Forever
10.Monkey Nutts (feat. Serum / DeadRoom Professa) click to listen
11.Martial Law click to listen
14.Real Shit I Spit
15.Ducks click to listen
16.Inflammatory Implants (feat. DeadRoom Professa)
17.Leave Ya Dead (feat. DeadRoom Professa) click to listen
18.Ancient Astronomers
19.Bros Over Hoes
21.2021 Fist of The North Star

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