El Michels Affair - Enter the 37th Chamber CD

El Michels Affair - Enter the 37th Chamber CDEl Michels Affair
Label: Fat Beats Records
Year: 2009
Price: $12.95
Format: CD

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This one has been on the buzz back burner for a long time ever since El Michels Affair first dropped their now sought after 7 inch singles of live band re-interpretations of the Wu Tang Classics ''C.R.E.A.M'' and ''Duel of the Iron Mics,'' which also featured ''Glaciers of Ice'' and ''Bring Da Ruckus''. Despite all of the advances in computer recording technology, home studios, and electronic instruments, nothing quite comes close to the analog recording techniques of the past for recreating the mood and sound of vintage funk and soul. El Michels Affair are among the leaders of a resurgent movement from New York City that's sweeping the music communities around the world to renew interest in the forgotten sounds that still inspire many to this day. After finding a hip hop audience they were beckoned to back Raekwon on a special tour sponsored by Scion, which led to the amazingly dope single ''The PJ's (remix)'' featuring the Wu-emcee on Leon Michel's and Jeff Silverman's Truth and Soul Records. Which then lead to the group landing an exclusive contract with Fat Beats to record an entire album featuring covers of Wu-Tang tracks. The 37th Chamber not only includes the songs on the original seven inch singles, but also collects nine classic joints and an exclusive bonus instrumental! This one is sure to officially put El Michels Affair on the map, and hopefully follow up with 38th and 39th Chamber and so on and so on!

1.Duel of the Iron Mic
3.Mystery of Chessboxin
4.Can It All Be So Simple
5.Uzi (Pinki Ring)
7.Glaciers of Ice
8.Cherchez le Ghost
10.Heaven & Hell
11.Bring Da Ruckus
12.Protect Ya Neck
13.Incarcerated Scarfaces
14.Shimmy Shimmy Ya

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