Various Artists - Silent In Truth 2xLP

Various Artists - Silent In Truth 2xLPVarious Artists
Label: Project Mooncircle
Year: 2009
Price: $27.95
Format: Vinyl

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From Hip Hop Vinyl and Project Mooncircle comes a brand new compilation of material featuring artists on the label, some of whom appeared on previous releases including John Robinson and MF Doom, but also new exclusives not found on anything else! Tracks and instrumentals from Mr. Cooper, Glen Porter, Dday One, 40 Winks, Inner Science, and more! Also, I would like to point out that we have been very supportive of the label over the past few years, trying to make sure these German imports make it stateside for everyone interested, and they even gave us a ''Thank You'' on the album credits! We thank them for bringing such good music together all on one label, where even emcees like John Robinson found it harder to find a label in the U.S. that he had to look overseas where he was offered a place with HHV! So if you're just now catching on, be sure to check out the previous various artists release by Project Mooncircle and Hip Hop Vinyl with Heart On The Right Spot.

1.Inner Science - 'Amotion'
2.P. Locke (aka Therapy) - 'Brava'
3.Carlo - 'Trapped In The Attic'
4.Jahbitat - 'Timber (An Ode To Trees Gone)'
5.John Robinson - 'Sorcerers' (feat. MF Doom / Invizible Handz)
6.Aether - 'Makeshift Sanctuary'
7.40 Winks - 'At the Lunar Bar (Live)'
8.Mr. Cooper - 'Untitled'
9.Dday One - 'Cast No Stones'
10.Mat Young - 'Barn Burning'
11.John Robinson - 'Why'd You Lie'
12.The Q4 - 'One Of These Days'
13.Glen Porter - 'Um'
14.Lambent - 'Wow Wow Thing'
15.Escher - 'Snap Dub'

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