Kahlee - Man of Many Hats CD

Kahlee - Man of Many Hats CDKahlee
Label: Tre Dime Music
Year: 2009
Price: $9.95
Format: CD

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LA-area emcee Kahlee (formerly of The Literates) finally drops his full length solo debut after it being completed for almost a year now it seems. Kahlee is always out promoting shows and jumping on stage, opening for major acts as they roll through SoCal. His dedication for rocking the crowd has made him a familiar face around these parts. Growing up, the writer/rapper was inspired at a young age by some of the best known from the West Coast in the 90's, and was also able to transcend this newfound love for hip hop further than the styles coming from his own state, all the way to the greats coming out of the East. Of course, it's an illusion that the East and West were natural rivals in hip hop based on their different sounds and upbringings, but it was still hard to pick a side growing up in some areas. Kahlee has aimed his sights on expanding beyond the West Coast and getting his music to as many people as possible, touring the US, Mexico and Canada as much as possible. Man of Many Hats boasts his many styles as he scoffs at fake rappers and maintains a reputation that can only be earned by working as hard as he has to achieve success on his own in this over-saturated market of indy-internet rappers and backstabbers.

2.Hatred To Greatness
3.Times Is Hard
4.Pros, Ants & Innocent Bys
5.Hustle Don't Stop
6.I Used To Love Her
7.Hats & Beatboxin' (feat. Bee Hive)
9.Name Droppin' (feat. Knowa Lazarus)
10.Break Ya Face! (feat. Knowa Lazarus / Free Speech / Revolution of the Mind)
11.For The B-boys (feat. Wildchild)
12.If I Ever Hurt You
13.Rockin' the Mic
14.Wave Ya Hands
15.Man of Many Hats

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