Abstract Tribe Unique - Mood Pieces (re-issue) 2xCD

Abstract Tribe Unique - Mood Pieces (re-issue) 2xCDAbstract Tribe Unique
Label: Basement Records
Year: 2005
Price: $11.95
Format: CD

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ATU's debut album, soulful and honestly still refreshing in this day and age, even though it came out almost 10 years ago. This album was actually supposed to be released on Grand Royal (Beastie Boys' label) but things fell through, so they put it out themselves, which is all the better for you! Pick this up and see where Abstract Rude got his start. Re-issued in 2005 with Abstract Rude's ''Making Tracks'' album included free as a bonus disc.

Disc 1
1.Fat and Ab intro
2.Blast Off Into Infinity
3.I'm From a Wicked
4.Zulu inter.
5.Switch the Station
6.Rolling in My Car
8.Ghetto Children inter.
9.215 inter.
10.Left Hand Side
11.My Experience Is...
12.Ooh I'm a Getcha'
14.Inside Your Eyes
16.Somethin' About This Music
17.Eve Inter.
18.We're Serious outro
Disc 2
1.Ain't Nothing To It
2.Screwed on Tight
3.Mystic Music (snippet)
4.Rolling Along
5.Musically Inclined
6.Keep It True (feat. Aceyalone)
7.Still Rappin (snippet)
8.213 to 619 Adjacent
9.Fragrance (snippet)
10.Blood, Dick & Pussy (feat. The Grouch / Aceyalone)
11.Put Me in the Mix
12.Hell Yeah (feat. PEACE)
13.Hilo Degrees
14.Inner Eye
15.Eye Am (feat. Awol One)
16.Come On
17.Gonna Wanna Spin It (feat. Aceyalone)
18.Kaya (Extended 12 Version)
19.Wowowo Yehyehyeh
20.The Baykery
21.It's Ab Dawlin

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