Exile - Radio 2xLP

Exile - Radio 2xLPExile
Label: Plug Research
Year: 2009
Price: $16.95
Format: Vinyl

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Los Angeles based producer Exile is not the first in his family to create music. His father, Albert Trent Manfredi and grandfather Alberico Manfredi were both musicians. His father released some 45's in the 1960's that are now highly sought after. His grandfather not only taught music but also played in a diverse mix of bands ranging from Mariachi to traditional Italian music. At an early age Exile was introduced to a wide variety of music. Living in his grandfather's garage, he learned to play the accordion, and all this exposure early on in his life helped grow in him a desire to create music one day and in the genre he fell in love with..hip hop. After meeting Aloe Blacc while in their teens, and with a one-button sampler and a four track they formed Emanon and started making their own albums. He later went on to produce for Slum Village, MED and Ghostface Killah on his solo album Dirty Science. Shortly after he collaborated with Blu and created the now classic Below the Heavens. Radio is his first fully instrumental album, and as Exile believes there are two sides to the business of hip hop, he aims to balance out his instrumentals with love conquering over evil. Sounds like a hard concept to convey on a strictly instrumental album, but Radio is one that will have you itching for more and hoping just maybe that the rumors surrounding a second project with Blu might actually come true.

1.Frequency Modulation
2.Population Control
3.We're All In Power
4.Watch Out! False Prophet
5.The Machine
6.It's Coming Down
7.So We Can Move
8.The Sound Is God
9.Your Summer Song
10.Mega Mix
11.In Tune Static
12.San Pedro Cactus
13.Love Line
14.Stay Tuned (here)
15.In Love

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