Grandmaster Flash - The Bridge CD

Grandmaster Flash - The Bridge CDGrandmaster Flash
Label: Adrenaline City Entertainment
Year: 2009
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Format: CD

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Grandmaster Flash is one of the undisputed pioneers of hip hop. He is recognized worldwide as the first DJ to make the turntables an instrument, famously developing his 'Quick Mix Theory' mix techniques during the '70s which are now used by DJs the world over. Through his fabled block parties and, later, live shows and releases with The Furious Five, Flash was responsible for recording the first live DJ mix to be committed to wax and for masterminding groundbreaking live sets that lifted the bar for hip hop. Through his work, hip hop was first taken seriously as a sustainable artform that could both pack a lyrical punch and pull audiences on a par with traditional mainstream rock and pop acts. Recorded at Flash's own Adrenaline Lab studio in New York during 2007-2008, the over-riding theme of the album is the universal language of hip hop music. ''Wherever I travel as a DJ, I see the incredible power of this artform,'' Flash explains. ''I am constantly amazed by it. That's the line that runs through the album - we speak many languages and come from many cultures but, wherever I go in the world, there is one universal culture of hip hop.'' Featuring guest appearances by Q-Tip, KRS-One, Busta Rhymes, Snoop Dogg, Big Daddy Kane, Grandmaster Caz, Supernatural, Mr. Cheeks (Lost Boyz) and Grandmaster Flash's son J-Flo and more, along with co-production by veteran DJ Scratch of EPMD fame.

2.Shine All Day (feat. Q-Tip / Kel Spencer / Jumz)
3.We Speak Hip Hop (feat. KRS-One / Afasi / Kase-O / Maccho / Abass)
4.Here Comes My DJ (feat. DJ Kool / DJ Demo)
5.Bounce Back (feat. Busta Rhymes)
6.Swagger (feat. Red Cafe / Snoop Dogg / Lyn Carter)
7.What If (feat. KRS-One )
9.Tribute To The Breakdancer (feat. Supernatural)
10.Can I Take You Higher (feat. Mr. Cheeks / Grandmaster Caz / Tito)
11.Grown & Sexy (feat. Lord Ikim Allah)
12.When I Get There (feat. Big Daddy Kane / Hedonis Da Amazon)
14.I Got Sumthin' To Say (feat. Lord Ikim Allah / J-Flo / Almighty Thor)
15.Unpredictable (feat. Syndee / Big Daddy Kane)
16.Those Chix (feat. Byata / Princess Superstar / Hedonis Da Amazon)
17.Bronx Bombers (feat. Lord Ikim Allah / Almighty Thor / Mann Child)
19.Oh Man (Intro)
20.Oh Man  (feat. Syndee / Natacha Atlas)

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