DJ Signify - Of Cities CD

DJ Signify - Of Cities CDDJ Signify
Label: Bully Records
Year: 2009
Price: $14.95
Format: CD

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Bully strikes back! The 7inch pre-cursor to this brand new album by DJ Signify on Bully Records was released back in 2007! A lot of people thought the label might have gone under or something with almost no word of any new releases than Of Cities in quite some time since Joe Beats' Diverse Recourse. Thank god we (or they, I mean) are back in 2009! This is one hell of a start and fans won't be disappointed...instrumental hip hop heads WON'T BE DISAPOINTED! This is some dark and lonesome listening, headphones on, candles burning dim, middle of winter type beats. Every year we are only blessed with a few worthy entries in the category started by greats like DJ Shadow and DJ Krush, and the perfectionist behavior of DJ Signify locked away in some attic somewhere putting the finishing touches on this one paid off. Brilliant. Featuring two guest appearances by Aesop Rock, and co-production by Matt Kelly and Blockhead.

1.The Sickness click to listen
2.Low Tide (feat. Aesop Rock) click to listen
3.Interlude #1
4.Costume Kids
5.Delight to the Sadist (feat. Matt Kelly)
6.Interlude #2 click to listen
7.Vanessa click to listen
8.Interlude #3
10.Interlude #4
11.Sink or Swim (feat. Aesop Rock) click to listen
12.The Gods Get Dirty click to listen
13.Interlude #5
14.Bollywood Babies click to listen
15.Interlude #6
16.Hold Me Don't Touch

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