Jaba One - Silence Is Golden CD

Jaba One - Silence Is Golden CDJaba One
Label: Homegrown Blends
Year: 2009
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Format: CD

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Jaba always puts these best in his own words...take it away: ''I know the phrase is cliche but 'Hip Hop saved my life' is part of the reason why I take it SO seriously. Had it not been for dancing, graff, DJing, music etc., I probably would have wound up getting into some serious triv. I grew up in an era where artists like Das Efx, Gang Starr, The Pharcyde, KRS One, DJ Quik, De La Soul and Masta Ace were getting regular radio air play; pre-shiny suite era. THAT WAS HIP HOP! Today we live in an era of instant gratification. No one wants to think anymore and everything has been dumbed down for the masses. This CD is all about reminding the hip hop heads that this culture is NOT dead. A special dedication goes out to best friend Edwin Abutin, whom I lost on Thanksgiving, and to the efforts of Dannu, DJ Jo_Ill, DJ R-Type and the rest of the artists and DJ's who contributed to this project and help keep our culture very much alive.''

2.People Under The Stairs - 'OST (Remix)'
3.Bass Black - 'The B'
4.Mobb Deep & Nas - 'Temperature's Love'
5.Mitchy Slick - 'Ice Cream Music'
6.Kutfather - 'Transmission'
7.Kahlee - 'React'
8.Quanstar - 'Sky's The Limit'
9.Thad Reid - 'Top Of The Heights'
10.Fab 5 - 'Leflah Leflaur Eshkoshka'
11.Jedi Mind Tricks - 'Blood In, Blood Out'
12.DJ Jo_ill's Scratch Innerlude
13.E-Rule - 'Listen Up'
14.Supercat - 'Ghetto Red Hot'
15.Mad Skillz - 'T-Shirt, Blue Jeans Factor'
16.Pharoahe Monch - 'Simon Says'
17.WC - 'Paranoid' (feat. Ice Cube)
18.Figures Of Speech - 'Pink Panther'
19.Dannu - 'On The Left'
20.Common - 'I Used To Love Black Checks'
21.Common Market - '40 Acres'
22.Creed Chameleon - 'Choke'
23.Dannu - 'Summertime' (feat. Freestyle (of The Arsonists))
24.Young Sicc - 'Street Love'
25.DJ R-Type's Clap Ya Hands Scratch Innerlude
26.Lord Finesse - 'Funky Technician'
27.Emanon - 'Count Your Blessings'
28.ODB - 'Shimmy Shimmy Ya Doubt'
29.Bambu - 'Misused'
30.Termanology - 'Respect My Walk'
31.Audible Lab Rats - 'Bigtime & Beyond'
32.Jake One - 'The Truth' (feat. Freeway / Brother Ali)

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buuut.., December 18, 2008
By: pwc - See all my reviews

Controversy is platinum, hahhaa, just kiddin G, I look forward to this ish....1

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