Eligh & Jo Wilkinson - On Sacred Ground CD

Eligh & Jo Wilkinson - On Sacred Ground CDEligh & Jo Wilkinson
Label: Legendary Music
Year: 2009
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Format: CD

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From Eligh's blog: ''My mom, Jo Wilkinson, has been on Living Legends albums, 3mg albums, G&E albums, and of course on my albums..and now we made a whole project together.. She's a folk singer..and you guys know what I could those two worlds come together? I dont know..maybe us being mother and son made it work the magic it did..regardless of how, it is a combination of two different genres and generations..and I'm very excited and proud of this album..13 tracks..many guests..including Grouch, Pigeon John, Slug, my boy Jiro of Ozomatli, Robert Miranda (think Enigma )..and many others..of course I'm on there a few times..and I produced 8 of the 13 guys..I hope your minds are open and ready for this project...much love....eligh'' And here are a few words from Sage Francis: ''It's a great rarity to hear a music project shared between mother and son. It's an even greater rarity for the folk world and hip-hop world to meet at the halfway point without one dominating the other. This is a hybrid of music genres that infuses so many styles that you're not sure whether to throw your hands up and say 'ho!' or hold hands and sing along. That's a good confusion'' This limited edition first pressing includes a mini booklet of art and story written and illustrated by Eligh.

1.Poet Man (feat. Robert Miranda)
2.By And By (feat. The Grouch / Paul Dateh)
3.Honor Me (feat. Pigeon John)
4.The Prayer
5.Sara (feat. Jiro Yamaguchi (of Ozomatli) / Robert Miranda)
7.Starchild (feat. The Grouch / Mark Bell)
8.Safe (feat. Pigeon John / Slug)
9.Ocean Of Love
10.Angels (feat. Shanti Foster)
11.Praises (feat. Mark Josephson / Jiro Yamaguchi (of Ozomatli) / Robert Miranda)
12.Sacred Ground

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Prodigious, December 18, 2009
By: zodana - See all my reviews

I was skeptical of what I was about to experience when I played this album, but I was pleasantly surprised when I heard these two worlds come together in harmony. Jo Wilkinson's vocals are food to my spirit and the compilation of guests and Eligh's genius capabilities of meshing these two worlds together is beyond innovational.

Prolific, stimulating and truly visionary!

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