Sole & the Skyrider Band - The Remix Album CD

Sole & the Skyrider Band - The Remix Album CDSole & the Skyrider Band
Label: Black Canyon
Year: 2009
Price: $14.95
Format: CD

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If my fellow Anticon fans recall, the original Sole album that was to come out before teaming up with Skyrider was going to feature the usual suspects worth of producers from Odd Nosdam to Telephone Jim Jesus, and while a good album was still put out, I believe the favor with this remix album has been returned after scrapping the original approach. But with the presence of The Skyrider Band, a different kind of Sole emerged from the emcee, perhaps speaking from the actual soul in a whole new light. That said, everybody involved in this remix project brings their A-game! And the usual suspects are back as well as contributions from Thavius Beck, Subtitle, Andrew Broder (of Fog), Dosh, Son Lux, Astronautalis, Otem Rellik, DJ Egadz and more! Sole fans unite!

1.Sad Day For Investors (Astronautalis Remix)
2.Ghost Assassinating Other Ghosts (Telephone Jim Jesus Remix)
3.Magnum (Sleeper Remix)
4.100 Light Years And Running (Son Lux Remix)
5.Bridges Let Us Down (Thavius Beck Remix)
6.Bones Of Pets (Bit Tuner Remix)
7.In Paradise (DJ Egadz Remix)
8.Nothing Is Free (Radical Face Remix)
9.Stupid Things Implode Themselves Fog
10.One Egg Short Of The Omlette (Nosdam Remix)
11.Sound Of Head On Concrete (Dosh Remix)
12.Shipwreckers (Otem Relik Remix)
13.On Calvary (Pictureplane Remix)

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