LoDeck & Omega One - Postcards From Third Rock 2xCD

LoDeck & Omega One - Postcards From Third Rock 2xCDLoDeck & Omega One
Label: Groove Attack Records
Year: 2008
Price: $15.95
Format: CD

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From Groove Attack Records comes the follow up album to Behold from the Russian born New York raised LoDeck. Dropping his twisted side, a combination of Kool Keith meets Aesop Rock, for a more mature and fully realized piece of work showcasing his sharpened, yet toned down skills as an emcee with fitting soundscapes from DJ/Producer Omega One. This quieter, less trippy LoDeck is quite possibly a revelation if anything, that some of the most gifted people out there, often hide their intelligence from their peers, friends and sometimes family, in fear of being ridiculed or labeled an outsider amongst your inner circles. Appearances aren't always what they seem, and it is my opinion that Omega One has helped pull this brilliance out of LoDeck for one of the most refreshing albums of the year. Featuring guest appearances by C-Rayz Walz and Invizzibl Men, and comes with a second disc complete with instrumental. Beat that! For fans of Def Jux, Embedded Music or Uncommon Records.

Disc 1
1.Postcards From The Third Rock
2.No Rims
3.On A Path
4.A Day In The Triangle
5.Other Worlds (Interlude)
6.Wipe Out Zone
7.Nice Kids (feat. Marq Spekt / Karneige / C-Rayz Walz)
8.Understand U
9.New York (Interlude)
11.Still Cambodia (feat. Jack Progresso)
13.The Safari
14.Titanium (feat. Invizzibl Men)
15.Postcards From The Third Rock (Remix)
Disc 2
1.Postcards From The Third Rock (Instrumental)
2.No Rims (Instrumental)
3.On A Path (Instrumental)
4.A Day In The Triangle (Instrumental)
5.Wipe Out Zone (Instrumental)
6.Nice Kids (Instrumental)
7.Understand U (Instrumental)
8.Shrimp (Instrumental)
9.Still Cambodia (Instrumental)
10.Maui (Instrumental)
11.The Safari (Instrumental)
12.Titanium (Instrumental)
13.Postcards From The Third Rock (Remix Instrumental)
14.Sex Panther Suite (Bonus Track)
15.Outro Butter (Bonus Track)

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