Bambu - Exact Change... Reloaded 2xCD

Bambu - Exact Change... Reloaded 2xCDBambu
Label: Beatrock Music
Year: 2011
Price: $15.95
Format: CD

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At times playful lyrically, at others...political, but also deeply personal and truly an every-man's social commentary no matter where you're from. Bambu has the rare ability to pull you in, sit you down, and have you listen as if you're family or a close friend. Full of morality tales and eye opening epiphanies about relationships and fatherhood, and where we all fit in to the grind, its no wonder he's been taped to open for the likes of similar-minded artists such as Blue Scholars and Common Market. Reissued in 2011 with a whole new disc included.

Produced by Fatgums (disc 1 tracks 1, 8 & 14, disc 2 track 8); Nick James (disc 1 tracks 2 & 5); Amplive (disc 1 track 3); Johnny 5 (disc 1 track 4); CZA (disc 1 track 6); Illmind (disc 1 track 7); 6Fingers (disc 1 track 9, disc 2 track 4); I.D. (disc 1 tracks 10 & 11); Fighting Cocks (disc 1 track 12); Sabzi (disc 1 track 13); Fatgums and Bambu (disc 1 track 15); Esta (disc 2 track 1); MTK (disc 2 track 2); Paper Son (disc 2 track 3); DJ Phatrick (disc 2 tracks 5 & 7); Generation Ill (disc 2 track 6).

Disc 1: Exact Change
1.Make Change
2.Spare Change
3.Swing (feat. Zion I)
4.No Fuss
5.Crooks And Rooks
6.Like Us
8.Seven Months
9.Out The Gate
10.Party Boy
12.Fighting Cocks
13.Life Line (feat. Sabzi (of Blue Scholars))
14.Exact Change
15.Iron Bam
Disc 2: Short Changed
1.A Dollar
2.Iron Sheik
3.Menacing Looks (feat. Krondon)
5.Rather Die In LA
6.The Arrival
8.Jonah's Lament

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