Formula Abstract - Audio Autopsy vol. 1 CD

Formula Abstract - Audio Autopsy vol. 1 CDFormula Abstract
Year: 2008
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Format: CD

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Over the summer we mourned the tragic loss of Formula Abstract member Moderfire, who was part of the local San Diego group alongside friend and co-emcee Trust One. Benefits were held and money was raised for the family, and all plans moved forward for the release of Audio Autopsy, the follow up to last year's self-titled EP. Thankfully through their music, Moder's name will live on as there are hours of previously recorded material with Volume 2 scheduled for release some time next year. This is real, raw, tried and true hip hop coming out of our city and it's only the beginning. And hopefully people will come to realize that there is a scene brewing out here, and waiting to be uncovered and recognized by the hip hop community outside of our local realms. Features Orko, Eternal, Rinasanz, Bazerkowitz, Mr. Ridley, Golden Gages and more! Rest in power, Miguel Leon Fregoso, you will be missed. -Access Staff.

2.Reverse Optics (feat. J. Holla / Rinasanz) click to listen
3.Metropolis Indestructable (feat. Bazerkowitz) click to listen
4.Cali Crop Formations (feat. Matlock of Comfortable Creeps / Feno)
5.3000 Centipedes (feat. Eternal)
6.Audio Altercation (feat. Santo Vontez / Golden Gages) click to listen
7.Great Wide Open (feat. Mash 23 / 1019)
8.Mob Scientific (feat. J. Holla / Eternal)
9.Triple Six (feat. Dr. Zarkov / Birdflu / Blownout Speaker / Golden Gages) click to listen
10.Toxic Chemicals (feat. Eternal / Rinasanz / Mike Tappen)
11.Top To The Bottom (feat. Bazerkowitz)
12.Abstract Theoretic click to listen
13.Blow Your Back Out (feat. Orko Eloheim)
14.Abstractions (feat. J. Holla / Oggie Clog) click to listen

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Loved it..., February 3, 2009
By: diff1130 - See all my reviews

I'm not the typical hiphop fan, but this album is different and it is unique. I bought this on the street by the artists down in San Diego on 1-31-09. It was great speaking with them and listening to the music.
Loved it...

Hip-hop outer-body experience., December 9, 2008
By: Gfunk - See all my reviews

I don't even know where to start... there is no way to even classify these cats, shit is on a whole different level. The only time I felt a similar reaction to an album being so unique might of been that old school Omid/Blowed album "Beneath the Surface". These guys definitely hone in on that ferocious fast-paced rap style I associate mostly with the LA/Project Blowed movement, but the rhyme schemes sound even crazier to me. You can't compare this shit to anything as far as I'm concerned, and that is why it is so dope. Dudes are straight up poetic with their raps, spitting bars that flow on so many differing levels it is mind bending. Beginning words with the same sounds, intricately lacing rhymes with paralleled syllable formations. These emcees are like a hungry pack of lyrical innovators strapped with hydrogen assonance artillery! Wow, god damn syllable assassins to say the least. Production is gritty and grungy too, unique and ethereal sounding. I would say this is some raw underground shit, but it's more like overground! Haha, next level hip-hop shit, I will buy anything these dudes make, hands down. I'm still recovering from my face nearly melting off from these abstract chemical compositions. F=ab! Apocalyptic auditory acrylics to stain your metropolis and bring rapid fire to your synapses. "Transformation mutation termination, civilization invasion... metaphoric metamorphosis, euphoric contortionists..." Haha, what!? You're not ready!

F=ab., November 3, 2008
By: strikt9 - See all my reviews

I am sure this little note is not enough to do this album justice, but this disc is evidence of lyrical mastery. Each song from these guys makes me feel like I am on a roller coaster at magic mountain because each verse takes my breath away. Each track is a different flavor of colorful sound. This album really has it all. Fresh deliveries, rhymes that will straight up rip you in half, intense embracing energy, no strange voices, on point rugged supernatural mystic beats, intelligent language that I have never heard used rhymed, and a deep awareness of our surroundings. Yes, this album does the impossible. After hearing this, Trust One will be an emcee who's music you will forever be looking out for because he tears this album apart with a ferocious passion for processing ill rhyme formats and hard heart beating beats. Modefire's lyrical syllable sound storms vibrate viciously skilled tornado tight rhyme techniques that will operate on your head and heart forever. Much props to these abstract scientists.

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