Illa J - Yancey Boys CD

Illa J - Yancey Boys CDIlla J
Label: Delicious Vinyl Records
Year: 2008
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Format: CD

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Delicious Vinyl is proud to announce the release of Yancey Boys, the debut album by Illa J, younger brother of the late great and legendary producer James Yancey, whom we all of course know as J-Dilla. With the multi-talented Illa J rhyming and singing over a treasure trove of previously untouched Jay Dee gems, the project represents both a full-circle collaboration and a whole new beginning in the story of the exceptionally musically gifted Yancey brothers.

2.We Here
3.R U Listenin'? (feat. Guilty Simpson)
4.Alien Family (feat. Frank Nitty)
8.Mr. Shakes (skit) (feat. Affion Crockett)
9.DFTF (feat. Affion Crockett)
10.All Good
11.Sounds Like Love (feat. Debi Nova)
14.Air Signs

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Surprisingly good, October 27, 2008
By: twisted_harmonix - See all my reviews

1. Timeless - 9/10 - Slow, soulful, flawless
2. We Here - 4/10 - More upbeat, great production but subpar lyrics and repetitive chorus bring it down
3. R U Listenin - 10/10 - Funky shit, very very nice joint and a sick verse from Guilty Simpson
4. Alien Family - (Interlude with a nice beat and some words from Frank Nitty about the yancy fam)
5. Strugglin' - 7/10 - Beat is simple but chillin, lyrics are aight, hook is ok, but nothing outstanding
6. Showtime - 8/10 - Chill and smoke a blunt to this one
7. Swagger - 6/10 - Not a bad joint but it didnt grab me
8. Mr. Shakes - (Goofy ass interlude)
9. DFTF - 9/10 - Smoothed out with nice flows, this one came together real well. Very ATCQ-ish.
10. All Good - 8/10 - Hypnotizing track, makes me want to take a nap, very chill.
11. Sounds Like Love - 9/10 - Another laid back joint but this one woke me up. I'm likin the hook from Debi Nova. This shit is ill.
12. Everytime - 7/10 - Solid track, illa's flow starts out good but becomes mediocre.
13. Illasoul - 5/10 - Average track. Good beat, good hook, subpar rhymes.
14. Air Signs - 6/10 - Another track that could be a lot better with good raps.

Overall its a good album. The beats are outstanding and makes you want to hear someone that can actually flow. But to his credit, he did better than I expected on the mic and its enjoyable.

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